Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post Earthquake Update / 地震後の最新情報

After the large March 11th earthquake, my wife was really uncomfortable with our standing bookcase (well, mostly mine since it's all my books and most of my miscellaneous collections), that she took it upon herself and tilted it on it's side while I was still at work. I was surprised but not angry and thought it was a good idea. We also took this opportunity to a little rearranging of our room as well.


We are fine and so are our family members who live up north. However, we have still been experiencing a lot of quakes and aftershocks as well. The accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has also been causing problems in Tokyo proper as well as we are currently experiencing rolling blackouts which may last until the end of April. Fortunately, we live in an area that hasn't been affected by the blackouts. However, what's really mind racking is hearing the Early Emergency Earthquake Warning buzzer on tv. After last Friday, you never know how big the next quake is going to be. We currently have emergency supplies set near our front door just in case.


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lvroftiques said...

That has to be nerve wracking listening to that warning. You kind of need to keep the telly on just in case of emergency, but still I'd really want to turn it off! Glad you two aren't experiencing any blackouts. That's just plain lucky isn't it? Smart of you to lay out supplies near the front door. We really need to be more prepared here as well. Hope you're having a good Monday. V