Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 Days with Mom Day 3 (Part 4) / お母さんとの三日間 三日目 (パート4)

My parents are avid followers of my blog and when my mother read my post of my walk around Shibamata, she also wanted to have lunch where I ate.  A soba shop called [Shin] which is exactly where we went.  We both ordered the same thing - the zaru soba / tempura set.


That's quite a bit of volume for lunch (and my mother was able to eat her entire meal!!).  Along with our soba and tempura, the set included yaki onigiri (grilled rice ball) and dengaku (konnyaku with miso).


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Days with Mom Day 3 (Part 3) / お母さんとの三日間 三日目 (パート3)

We were continuing on tour of Taishakuten and headed to the gardens.  The path takes us through another building which also housed a lot of rooms on display.

帝釈天の庭に行き、他のビルも通る。ビルの中にいろんな部屋に展示ものもあります。 そこも素敵ですよ。

The path that leads us to the gardens / 庭への道

Mom still full of energy / エネルギたっぷりのお母さん

A quick peak at the gardens / 庭を覗いてみる

One of the rooms inside the building / ビルの中の部屋

Cool art work inside the building as well.

Peaceful isn't it? / 平和的でしょう?

I just love this path that takes us through the building and around the garden.

All this walking - before lunch / 昼食前に結構歩きまわってます

Kappa in the garden! / 庭の中に河童発見!

You can only view the garden, you're actually not allowed in it.


Back to the temple grounds.


Prayer board / 絵馬

The front gate and temple bell from inside the temple grounds.

Tora-san fortune!!

And one very large tree / そしてでっかい松の木がある

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Taishakuten and its gardens.  My mother and I are now going to head out for lunch.

帝釈天と帝釈天の庭楽しましたか? 次は昼食の時間だ!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 Days with Mom Day 3 (Part 2) / お母さんとの三日間 三日目 (パート2)

Sorry, I was a trifle busy with other things and took a few days off from writing.  I shall continue with my days spent with Mom (who by the way, is safely back home in the States now).  We are still at Taishakuten and I have just have to share with you more awesome art and woodcarvings!


Shibamata Taishakuten Prayer Board / 柴又帝釈天絵馬

A closer look at some of the other woodcarvings.

The details are just awesome!! / この細かな作業、凄いしか言いようがない!!

Winter / 冬

Summer / 夏

Autumn / 秋

Autumn / 秋

Summer / 夏

Spring / 春

Winter / 冬

Autumn / 秋

Summer / 夏

Summer / 夏

You can spend all day looking at the different carvings and not be bored.  Next its off to the inner gardens here at Taishakuten.