Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rotating Sushi Restaurant [Uobei] / 回転寿司 「魚べい」

And so we went from a burger shop to a sushi shop. A place called [Uobei] which is part of the Genki Sushi chain.


Skipjack tuna / カツオ

Salmon & maguro / サーモンとマグロ

Avocado roll / アボカド巻

Snow crab / ズワイ蟹

Scallops / 帆立

Its kind of fun going out to Itabashi Ward for lunch.  Our nephew is living in a great area with a variety of restaurants and ramen shops to choose from.  I wonder what we will go out to eat when we visit him next time.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Burger / ハッピーバーガー

When we first went to visit our nephew in Oyama in Itabashi Ward, we took a walk along the popular market street - Oyama's Happy Road and You-za Oyama.  It was at You-za Oyama that I spotted a burger shop and told my wife the next time we visit our nephew, we shall have lunch there.  And that was the plan for today.


Here we are in Oyama again!


You-za Oyama / 遊座大山

And here we are, our first trip to Happy Burger. The store hours said it was open at 11:30am but it was after 11:30 but opened shortly afterwards.  We were the first customers for the day.


The burger shop has a nice homey atmosphere.  A great place for lunch.


I ordered the Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger.  As you can see, the patty is also topped with tomato and onions.  It was a pretty good burger.  Fries and onions rights were part of my set as well.

僕が注文したのはアボカドベーコンチーズバーガー。 見ればわかる、トマトとオニオンも挟んでます。バーガーにはポテトフライとオニオンリングが付いてます。

Of course I had a beer with my burger.


But what's great about this shop is that they don't only serve burgers.  There are other dishes on their lunch menu and it was the other that my wife and nephew chose.  A nice steak is what they had.  My wife let me have a bit of hers and I must say, this was quite delicious too.


But apparently steak didn't include rice and this left my nephew and wife still hungry.  My wife suggested go to a nearby sushi shop (which we did) and although I had enough to eat, I could I not order sushi...but that's for another post.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yogan Yakiniku Horumon [Fuji Rock] / 溶岩焼肉・ホルモン 「フジ・ロック」

Okay, I finally went.  My first ever Fuji Rock!  The Festival?  No, no, no.  My wife and I went to visit our nephew in Itabashi Ward and had lunch with him.  We went to a yakiniku (Korean barbecue) restaurant that's just happened to be named Fuji Rock.  The restaurant gets its name from using the volcanic rock from Mount Fuji for its grill. So, here we have a Korean barbecue in Tokyo run by mostly Indian or Nepali nationals.  Very international!


We took the seat by the window which we saw from outside.


I suppose those are the volcanic rocks from Mount Fuji.


The three of us decided on the Fuji Rock Gozen.  This includes Kuroge Wagyu karubi, roast, today's special meat along with salad, soup, homemade kimchi and another appetizer, namuru (seasoned bean sprouts), and Fuji Gotenba Koshihikari rice. Our service item today was liver. And check out the price, only 1,200yen. We also decided to share an order of horumon (offal) and chose the mino which I believe is the first stomach if you look at the cow map on the menu.

私たち三人が同じメニューを注文した。「富士ロック御膳」。お手軽の値段で黒毛和牛クルビ、こどわりロース、本日のおすすめのお肉1品。今日はレバでした。そしてサラダ、本日の小鉢、スープ、自家製ヤンニョムキムチ、ナムルと富士御殿場コシヒカリご飯。¥1,200ですよ! あと3人でホルモンのみのも注文しました。

The offal menu with the map showing what part of the cows innards we would be eating.


We would be eating beef that was nurtured near Mount Fuji.  The Okamura Beef.  The cows are raised in a stress-free environment which makes for delicious tasting beef.


But first, to start off the meal, a nice cold glass of beer.


Even the chopstick wrapper has a Mount Fuji theme and is also used as a chopstick holder.


For starters, the salad with a sesame type dressing.


So this is the small bowl dish.  Shiitake mushrooms, konnyaku and other veggies along with the kimchi which was spicy and to my liking.


The soup was wakame (seaweed).  Mild and tasty.  I enjoy seaweed so I may be bit biased.


Namuru (seasoned bean sprouts).  This is not really a favorite of mine but it is healthy so of course I ate it.


My wife needs her white rice when eating yakiniku. 


And on the the main dish - karubi, roast and liver.

本日の主役 ー カルビ、ロースとレバ。

Grilled over the "Fuji Rock".


While we were enjoying are "Fuji Rock Gozen", we were also grilling the mino. Innards take a little longer to grill than the meat.


But wait, what is this?  My wife saw another one of her favorite dishes on the menu - nankotsu (cartilege).  I am quite fond of this dish as well. We didn't realize it was going to be such a large portion. Our nephew also ordered reimen for himself. My wife and I passed on the reimen.


Oops, we almost forgot that we had ordered some sunagimo (gizzard) as well. 


Mount Fuji Okamura Beef.  Their aim is to raise beef that will be happy on their farm. That was a great meal. 

富士山 岡村牛。 牛が笑っている牧場をめざしてますだって。良いね。本当に美味しかった。ご馳走まさでした。

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Laos Festival in Yoyogi Park 2016 / ラオスフェスin代々木公園 2016

Another two weeks and yet another festival.  This one where my friends and I would gather to eat, drink and be merry!  As I mentioned previously, my friends and I used to gather at the Thai Festival.  But the Thai Festival has become too popular and too crowded, it just wasn't fun and relaxing anymore.  So this year, we all decided to gather during the Laos Festival.  My friend Suga and I have a sentimental love for Laos.  It was his first trip outside of Japan and it was also my first visit to Southeast Asia.  A journey I will never forget. Suga and I went early to claim a spot before our other friends would show up.


Me and my wife and my friend's daughter, Rino.  I of course am indulging in Beer Lao Dark.

僕と妻と友達の娘、莉乃ちゃん。 僕が飲んでるのはビアラオダーク!

You see, we can enjoy Thai food here at the Laos festival.  Heck, the countries border each other and the cuisine is similar. But this was Lao style yakisoba.


Fried spring rolls with shrimp.


There is someone singing on the stage.


Let the eating begin!


Beerlao Gold?  Made from rice?  You know I'm going to have the try that.


What would a Laos Festival be without Beerlao?


This guy is busy making our tom yam ramen.


Man, this was so good.  I think I may have made a little too spicy though.


Something to add to my burger photo album, the Lao Larb Burger.  What's larb?  Apparently pork.


And stir-friend morning glory again.  Yep, ate it at the Thai Festival as well.


I hope you don't think I ate all these dishes on my own.  Friends have been turning up and we've been sharing.


Someone is eating a huge dessert of mango shaved ice!


It's Rino!


The Beerlao Gold was pretty good.  Yep, of course I had one.


You see, I told you there was more than just me eating the food.


Our friend Uccchi from Odawara was had come to the festival with his Odawara friends and coincidentaly had set up their territory right next to ours.  Ucchi had been eating and drinking there for about a half-hour until he realized his Tokyo friends were right next door.


Gan-chan and Ai / 岩ちゃんと愛

The sisters from the Odawara group taught me a new game.


Our friend Ucchi on the left.


Time for a standard Beerlao as well.


Did someone say bring more food?


My friend Ai went in search of this snack - fried bananas. 


If this dish looks similar to the one pictured above, thats because it is.  I thought I would order some Poo Phat Pong Curry (Thai Crab Curry) only to discover someone else did so as well.


Playing more games.


Oh no, Ucchi got turned into a toy!


The little boy was from yet another group. I believe that is his mother pictured on the left.


Poor Ucchi.


What?  Someone bought more food?


Gan-chan / 岩ちゃん

He was popular with the kids too.


If you look closely, you may spot Gan-chan.


What the?  This looks more suited to the Okinawa festival as it is a can of Okinawa Pineapple Sour.


Something refreshing other than beer.


Wait!  We can't forget dessert.  This was an interesting style pumpkin pie.  It sure was good though.


Mango Ice Cream / マンゴアイス

Papaya Ice Cream / パパヤアイス

We had been here since 11am and it was nearing 5pm now, so it was about time to head home.


I was waiting for one more person to show up. Someone who I had become acquainted with on a Facebook page called "Planet Haafu" where the members are mostly have half-Japanese or has some kind of connection to Japan.  His name was Bruce and he was visiting Japan for two weeks. This would be the first time I would meet someone from the Social Network.

僕はもう一人の人を待っていた。会ったこともないんですけど、Facebookのグループページ「プラネット・ハフ」のメンバー。このページのメンバーはほんとんど日本人のハフや日本に関係する人たちです。僕もソーシャルネットワークで初めて会う人だ。 名前はブルースしかしりません。

Meeting Bruce from the [Planet Haafu] page on Facebook. We only had time to chat for a few minutes before he was off to meet somebody else while my wife and I were getting ready to head home.  But we will still be in touch on Facebook.