Friday, October 28, 2016

Kusatsu Hot Spring Trip 2 (Part 3) / 草津温泉旅行 2(パート3)

On our way to Karuizawa, our first stop was at Oni Oshidashi Park. I had been here quite a few years ago during the winter but it would be the first time for my wife and friends. This park is similar to Idaho state's Craters of the Moon Monument and Preserve as it was created by the flow of lava. As written on  the Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture website, "Lava formed this work of art when Mt. Asama-yama erupted in 1783. Its name comes from the impressions of the people of the time, who said it looked like a devil had turned violent in the crater and pushed out the rocks."

軽井沢行方面に行きながら次の目的地に到着。鬼押出し園。僕は何年か前に来たことありますが、妻と友達は初めて見る場所。アメリカアイダホ州にあるCraters of the Moon National Monument and Preserveと似た様なところです。溶岩から出来上がった珍しい風景。群馬県公式サイトの説明では"天明3(1783)年、浅間山の大噴火で流れ出した溶岩の芸術が楽しめます。"公園の名前の由来について、噴火当時街の人々が怒った鬼が岩を押し出した様に見えたと言われてる。

Ernie demon / アーに鬼

Beautiful scenery / 美しい風景

Hanging out with a demon / 鬼とふれあい

I see a lone tree grew upon one of the rocks.


You cannot tell from the picture above but in the shadows where moss grows, it appears if the moss shines a light.


Leave it to the Japanese to build a shrine among the lava rock.


Hand purification basin / 手水舎

The water here is pure and drinkable.


I wasn't sure what these people were doing until I took a closer look.


I placed the coin in the middle of the picture.


Kaneiji Temple Mount Asama Kannon-do / 寛永寺浅間山観音堂

Temple Seal / 御朱印

Beer break / ビールの時間

I see a ferris wheel in the distance.


There was more to explore but we decided to head back to the entrance and have lunch.


Little demons on the rock!


A variety of teas to taste. I only tried the one on the very right, the plum and pepper tea. The others that were available were soba tea, shiitake mushroom tea, and kelp tea.


Lunch at [Oni Kazan].


Ramen menu / ラーメンメニュー

My wife and I ordered the "Lava Ramen", a spicy miso ramen.


Yukio's order, miso chashu men.


While Reiko ordered the shio ramen.


More demons.


Mount Asama / 浅間山

Our next stop will be Kumano Jinja on which sits in both Gunma and Nagano Prefectures. Our travels continue...