Saturday, March 31, 2018

Goodbye Tokyo! / さらば東京

I know I know, I've been neglecting my blog. There hasn't been a new post in over a month. Although this post is about my final day in Tokyo, it does not mean it will be the end of this blog. I still have many Tokyo adventures I haven't written about that I will post from time to time. Of course, the longer I live in Aomori, the more posts there will be on my Aomori blog "Blue Forest Chronicles".


Looking out at the street from the front of our 4th floor aparment. On a clear day we could see Mount Fuji.


Looking out from our balcony.


We got rid of most of our other furniture but this is one piece we will be taking with us to Aomori.


About ten or twelve of those boxes are filled only with my CDs!


We are just waiting for the moving truck to arrive. I am saying goodbye to 20 years in Tokyo. Ten of them in this apartment with my wife. We will have a new start in Aomori as we will live with my wife's mother in a house.


Of course our tv is coming with us.


Good-bye Hikari Building, Room #402!


Our last look at the Carrot Tower in Sangejaya.


Cheers to a new start!


Last lunch in Tokyo Station before catching the Shinkansen to take us to Aomori.


And so my life in the great Metropolis of Tokyo has come to an end. Living up north in Aomori in snow country is going to be a new experience for me. Looking for a new job will also be a challenge. But here's to taking that great leap forward into the unknown!!