Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tokyo Bay Fireworks 2015 / 東京湾花火大会 2015

My friend Tetsu who lives in a mansion that overlooks Tokyo Bay invites a few of his friends over every year to check out the fireworks from his balcony.  My wife and I haven't gone in a while as the train station is really crowded and it is no fun trying to make our way through the masses.  However, since apparently this is the last year of the Tokyo Bay Fireworks, we decided to brave the throng.  Our friends Yukio and Reiko were also invited.  And we would be meeting up with a few of Tetsu's other friends, including his ex-girlfriend.  Of course, the fireworks are nice, but its the gathering of friends while eating and drinking that is the main focus!  Always a good time.


Food First.


Those are people down there gathered together to watch the fireworks.
Still a little light out but the fireworks show has started.
Now, enjoy the show!


And another food and drink break.






































Toast number???

And the goofy crew goes home!