Thursday, June 30, 2016

Itabashi Biological Garden (Part 2) / 板橋区立熱帯環境植物館 (パート2)

And now I'm heading over to the actual tropical garden at the Itabashi Botanical Garden.


Absolute no air conditioning.  It feels like you are somewhere in the tropics.


Real plants, but not a real bird.


Spot the lizard!


Palm Oil Tree / アブラヤシ

Decor in the doorknobs / ドアもお洒落

Syzygium / ジャワフトモモ

Yes, I know, I should have took notes on what kind of flowers they were.


But then I went to the room that houses the unusal creatures on one side and a diorama of a tropical forest showing the different bugs and insects that live there too.


I don't think my mother would like these displays.


Aren't these the coolest critters you've ever seen?  In Japanese they are called "Upa Rupa".  I had to look up what the English word was for them. They are called axolotl and mostly live in Mexico.


A type of coral.  In Japanese, these are called "umikinako" which translates to "sea mushrooms" so named because they look like the eringi (king trumpet ) mushrooms.


The horseshoe crab look creepy from the bottom.


And pretty funky looking when viewed from the top.


Vertical fish.


While I enjoyed myself checking out the bug dioramas and the unusual creatures, my wife hung out around the mini aquarium to get a good shot of the ray.  Somewhere along the way, our nephew disappeared.  I guess he was bored out of his mind and went to the local pachinko shop.  We met up with a little later.  He decided not to join us in our next adventure which was to check out the Tokyo Daibutsu at Jorenji Temple not too far from where we were. I had been wanting to go here for quite a while and today I was going to fulfill that desire. And of course that will be for the next post.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Itabashi Biological Garden (Part 1) / 板橋区立熱帯環境植物館 (パート1)

Since our nephew has moved to Itabashi Ward in Tokyo from Aomori (Sendai actually as he was going to some type of vocational school there) we have been spending more time headed out that way.  But aside from having lunch with our nephew, we thought we do a little exploring of that area of Tokyo as well.  It just so happens that the previous week we were watching some television show that was featuring hidden spots in Tokyo that people may not have heard of and the Itabashi Botanical Garden happened to be one of those places.  And since it is located in Itabashi Ward, we decided we would check it out after downing those burgers at Juicy All Starz.

妻の甥っ子が社会人になって青森から東京に上京したので(本当は仙台から、仙台で専門学校に行ってたもんで)。 東京の板橋区に引っ越した。そのおかげで私たちが板橋区が時々行くことになった。甥っ子と食事するだけがもったないから、板橋区周辺で散歩して探索することになった。今回は甥を会う一週間前位テレビでなんかの番組を見てたら、東京の穴場観光スポットを紹介してた。その一つが板橋区にある板橋区立熱帯環境植物館。美味しいバーガーを食べたあとはいざ高島平へ。

Public Art in Kumanocho / 熊野町にある彫刻

This was our first trip to Takashimadaira.


It's a good thing we decided to catch a taxi as we were walking in the wrong direction to get to this place.


And here we are at the Itabashi Botanical Gardens.  Entrance fee is only 240yen for adults.


Although the main focus of this building is tropical plants, it also features a mini aquarium and they also have some strange and unusual critters on display as well. We checked out the mini aquarium first.


Jellyfish / クラゲ

Interesting looking crab / 変わった形の蟹

Sorry, I didn't take notes on the names of the fish.


Its those funky standing fish!


This fish is so excited, its eyes are popping out!


I don't know why but my wife loves this critter.


If you look closely you can spot the shrimps.


Not a teenage mutant one.  


His buddy on the outside.


Hey, ray!


And then I was heading out to the garden area and the room that holds the unusual creatures but I think I will save that for the next post.