Friday, April 30, 2010

Maruchan White Curry Noodles with Cheese / マルちゃん ホワイトカレーヌードル とろーりチーズ味

I thought I would share with you my continuing adventures of trying the different kinds of instant noodles that are available in Japan. Today's flavor is a white curry with cheese.


Pretty decent cup noodles, but could use a little more cheese to really call it cheese flavored. Still, as I'm a big fan of curry and cheese - it's a winning combination.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hanami 2010 / 花見 2010年

And now for this year's hanami (cherry blossom viewing). As always, my friends and I had ours near Yoyogi Park. On the same day there was another event going on as well - Peace Day or Earth Day or something similar so there were a lot of food booths to choose our snacks from. Of course, a couple of friends brought there homemade items as well. My friends and I are where the little tent is.


But as I mentioned in previous posts - cherry blossom viewing is just an excuse to get together with friends to eat and be merry! So I must share with you what we all ate.


Sigara Boregi (Turkish dish filled with minced meat, cheese, and spinach) / シガラボレギ (トルコ風春巻き、具は挽肉、チーズ、とほうれん草)

One friend brought an industrial-sized bag of potato salad / 一人の友達が業務用のポテサラの袋を持ってきた

Another friend brought some fried prawns / 別の友達が海老フライを作った

Not sure what this is but it's sure darn delicious - chick peas and beans in a spicy tomato sauce, courtesy of another friend. We filled pita pocket breads with this - my favorite this year


Samosa / サモサ

An American favorite - Nachos / アメリカの定番スナックメニュー、ナショス

Kimchee / キムチ

Chicken Wings / チキン・ウィングズ

Shumai / シュウマイ

A nice variety of delicious morsels don't you think?


A bottle of Chianti with our snacks as well, along with a lot of beer.


Rino at 2yrs / 梨乃ちゃん参上!

This year's gathering / 今年集まった友達

Next gathering will be for the Thai Festival next month!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cherry Blossoms at Hama Rikyu & the Sumida River (Part 2) / 浜離宮と隅田川沿いの桜 (パート2)

More cherry blossoms along the Sumida River...


Water Bus in the foreground / 水上バス

Kachidoki Bridge / 勝鬨橋

Lesser Tsukuda Bridge / 佃小橋

Aiai Bridge / 相生橋

Twilight along the Sumida River / 隅田川の黄昏

As you can see, it was getting late and time to head for home.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Cherry Blossoms at Hama Rikyu & the Sumida River (Part 1) / 浜離宮と隅田川沿いの桜 (パート1)

As I've been putting off showcasing more cherry blossoms or writing this year's hanami, the season has already ended and most of the cherry blossoms have disappeared.


More pics of cherry blossoms to come...


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Italian Garden in Minato Ward / 港区にあるイタリアン公園

Getting back to my walk on looking at the Cherry Blossoms, I was headed to Hama Rikyu Gardens from the Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens and discovered a small Italian Garden located between the two parks.


As this is a garden, we must not forget the flowers.


So there wasn't any cherry blossoms in this garden, but that's okay. This was just a short break before heading into the Hama Rikyu Gardens.