Saturday, June 28, 2014

English Conversation and Walk around Kitasenju / 北千住の散歩と英会話教室

Since December of last year, I hold an informal monthly English conversation class with a couple of my friends.  We usually pick some cafe and speak in English for a couple of hours, then perhaps take a walk around that neighborhood.  Our first class was in my neighborhoold of Sangejaya at a place called Agemaki.  They serve something called a Midorimushi Burger.  The following month was Ebisu, originally scheduled to be held at Park Cafe but was changed to a Spanish restaurant called Amapola.  Third and fourth classes were in Harajuku - J.S. Burger & Cafe and ZipZap Cafe.  And our latest class - at the Sunny Diner in Kitasenju (which will be featured in this post).  Our last English conversation class was held in Gotanda at yet another gourmet burger shop called [7025 Franklin Ave.]  And our plans for yet the next class will be between Harajuku and Shibuya at a burger shop called [Teddy's Bigger Burgers]!

去年の12月から、毎月日本人女性二人の友達と軽く英会話教室を開いてます。いつもどこかのカフェでランチを食べながら、二時間位ずーと英語で話す。最初の店は自分の近所の三軒茶屋の「Agemaki」。店の自慢料理はミドリムシバーガー。次は恵比寿にある「パーク・カフェ」で予定されてたが、その日は貸切で場所変更。スペイン料理店の「Amapola」。3回と4回目は原宿。J.S.Burger&CafeとZipZap Cafe。 第5回目は北千住の人気バーガー店「Sunny Diner」(今回のネタもフィーチャーされます)。この間の英会話教室は五反田にある有名なバーガー店「7025 Franklin Ave.」。次予定されてるのはハワイのバーガー店の「Teddy's Bigger Burgers」。

English class always comes first before a walk around the neighborhood.  But we had to wait in line for a seat at the Sunny Diner.

散歩する前はやっぱり勉強しないっと。Sunny Dinerは人気の名店なので、外で並んでました。

My students / 僕の二人の生徒
And the burgers?  Excellent!
そしてバーガーは? 最高!
My friend Ryoko's order - avocado burger.
友達の涼子の注文 ー アボカドバーガー
My friend Yukie's order - bacon cheeseburger.
友達のユキエの注文 ー ベーコンチーズバーガー
My order - Salsa Hot cheeseburger.
僕の注文 ー サルサ・ホット・チーズバーガー
Class in session / 授業実行
By the way, a glass of Coca Cola actually comes in a large glass (as an expat living in Japan, you find this to be amazing!)

Exploring Kitasenju / 北千住探索中
A regional restaurant featuring the cuisine of Aomori Prefecture (where my wife is from).
1,000yen novelty goods vending machine / ちょっと変わった自動販売機
This looks like a worthwhile Spanish restaurant to check out in the future.
Shosenji Temple / 勝専寺
Temple Bell / 寺の鐘
This was a building located across from Shosenji Temple.  As you can see, they make tombstones.
This small temple called the Akamonji houses a red Enma Daio which is only open to the public two times a year (I saw it the first time I walked around Kitasenju).
No, we are not sure what that big pencil or rocket-like structure is on the side of this building.

Senju Moto Hikawa Jinja / 千住本氷川神社


Senju Moto Hikawa Jinja Temple Seal / 千住本氷川神社の御朱印
 Sansei Inari / 三精稲荷
This is where Senju Yado was located.
Yokoyama Family Warehouse / 横山家の蔵

Choenji Temple / 長園寺
Choenji Temple / 長園寺

Maybe next time as well.

And then it was back to Shibuya and home.