Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tonari no Shokudo [Kujira So] / となりの食堂「くじら荘」

Last week as I was trying to decide where to eat for lunch, I remembered this small cafe recently opened in our neighborhood. It is called Tonari no Shokudo [Kujira So].  Their specialities are hotdogs.  I'm not sure if I would really call these hotdogs though.  The sausages aren't in the buns, more like just topped on top of the buns.  I ordered their chili dog, with a coke.
Chili Dog / チリドッグ
Very American lunch last week.
I was sitting at the counter enjoying my meal.

A look at their menu.  From the top.  Plain Dog.  Cheese Dog.  Chili Dog.  Hawaiian Dog.  Japanese style hotdog.  Curry sausage.  Coriander Dog.  And you can choose different toppings too!  I went again the following week, but the shop was closed for the Obon holidays.
くじら荘のメニュー。カリーブルストとパクチードッグ気になります! また来週行ってみようかな。今週はお盆休みで店はやってなかった。

Monday, August 3, 2015

Port of Call Cafe and Store / ポート・オブ・コール カフェ&ストア

Time for a few fluff pieces.  Last month when my friend Tetsu and I went to eat burgers at Blackow's in Ebisu, we decided to walk off our lunch calories.  Just by coincidence we passed by this shop called [Port of Call].  What really captured our attention was the menu for burgers.  We decided that we would eat here in the near future, for the burgers of course!  Actually, I had come here on my own but the cafe wasn't opened at that time.  Last week, the day before heading out to Urayasu, I messaged Tetsu to see if he wanted to go out for burgers on Saturday.  Of course he did!

最近店のネタ書いてないかラ久ぶりに新しいバーガーショップを紹介します。先月友人と恵比寿にあるグルメバーガーショップに食べに行ったんで、ランチを終わったらちょっと散歩。その散歩の途中に私の目に止まったのは渋谷駅近くの店「ポート・オブ・コール」。雑貨はどうでもいい。気になったのはメニューに載ってたバーガー。 ちょっと前に一人で来たが、その時カフェのほうは休みでした。先週浦安に行く前に友人のてっちゃんを誘い、こんどこそ、この店のバーガーを食べに行く。

The smoking section is the entire second floor.  Although I don't smoke my friend does.  But there was only a couple besides us when we went.  Very relaxing atmosphere.


We had the window seat which overlooks the Yamanote Line.


Beer before burgers.  And of course I had to show off my T-Town shirt (not for Tokyo, but for Tacoma). I suggested to Tetsu that we order to different burgers and have them cut in half so we can enjoy two different types.


This is the POC Burger or Port of Call Burger.  The buns are nice and fluffy and so delicious.  The burger is filled 100% beef patty, Parmesan crisp, shiitake mushrooms, roasted tomato, caramalized onions and a house ketchup and is only 1,200yen!


The other burger we ordered today was the Truffle Burger. This burger is filled with roasted garlic aioli, house truffle cheese, and a truffle glaze. 


They also had some craft beer on their menu as well.  This is Minoo beer Weizen from Osaka Prefecture.  It's also where my aunt and cousins happen to live.  In Minoo, not at the brewery!


Tetsu having a smoke break.


It was still a bit early so while Tetsu and I were enjoying our second beer, we decided to order a side order of fish and chips.  Little did we know that there wouldn't be that much fish but thought the menu should be changed to fish and chips and chips and chips.  Quite a large portion.

Just looking out the window before parting ways with Tetsu.  He will be going to see a martial arts event this evening while I will be going to Urayasu with my wife to spend the weekend with friends.  I love the weekends!