Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tonari no Shokudo [Kujira So] / となりの食堂「くじら荘」

Last week as I was trying to decide where to eat for lunch, I remembered this small cafe recently opened in our neighborhood. It is called Tonari no Shokudo [Kujira So].  Their specialities are hotdogs.  I'm not sure if I would really call these hotdogs though.  The sausages aren't in the buns, more like just topped on top of the buns.  I ordered their chili dog, with a coke.
Chili Dog / チリドッグ
Very American lunch last week.
I was sitting at the counter enjoying my meal.

A look at their menu.  From the top.  Plain Dog.  Cheese Dog.  Chili Dog.  Hawaiian Dog.  Japanese style hotdog.  Curry sausage.  Coriander Dog.  And you can choose different toppings too!  I went again the following week, but the shop was closed for the Obon holidays.
くじら荘のメニュー。カリーブルストとパクチードッグ気になります! また来週行ってみようかな。今週はお盆休みで店はやってなかった。

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