Thursday, May 26, 2016

Loud Park 2015 (Day 1 - Part 4) / ラウドパーク 2015 (初日ーパート4)

Just a few more bands before headliners Slayer hits the stage.  Food or show.  Well, next up was another band I wanted to see and decided to watch the full set - from Finland, Children of Bodom.


Set List:
1. I Hurt
2. Are You Dead Yet
3. Sixpounder
4. Halo of Blood
5. Hate Me!
6. Lake Bodom
7. I Worship Chaos
8. Angels Don't Kill
9. Hate Crew Deathroll
10. Downfall
11. In Your Face
Then back to Kingdom Stage to catch Gamma Ray's set.
Set List:
1. Avalon
2. Heaven Can Wait
3. Last Before the Storm
4. Induction
5. Dethrone Tyranny
6. I Want Out (Helloween cover)
7. The Silence
8. Master of Confusion
9. Somewhere Out in Space
10. Land of the Free
11. Send Me a Sign
Well hey, its Kai Hansen so we got to hear a cover of a Helloween tune as well.
Definite time to take a break and go in search of some sustenance.  I decided to try some of the fare they served in the building.
Turkish fast food - doner kebab.
トルコのファストフード ー ドネルケバブ。

And something else!
Gamma Ray's set overlapped with Arch Enemy for a bit so I caught Arch Enemy's last few songs.  Fortunately, I did get to hear the tune I wanted to see them play - "No Gods, No Masters".  And this line-up features new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz who replaced the other long-time female vocalist Angela Gossow.
ガンマ・レイのセットがちょっとアーチエネミーのセットとかぶったが、最後のほうを見ました。よかったことに一番聴きたかった曲が生で見て聴いた。「No Gods, No Masters」。
Set List:
1. Yesterday is Dead and Gone
2. Burning Angel
3. War Eternal
4. Ravenous
5. Stolen Life
6. Bury Me an Angel (with Johan Liiva and Christopher Amott)
7. The Immortal (with Johan Liiva and Christopher Amott)
8. As the Pages Burn
9. Dead Eyes See No Future
10. Avalanche
11. No Gods, No Masters
12. Nemesis
13. Fields of Desolation (with Johan Liiva and Christopher Amott)

Hanging out with my friend I see at least once a year!  Here at Loud Park!

And finally, tonight's headliners - Slayer!!  I first saw these guys live when they were took part in Ozzfest 1999, which featured the original Black Sabbath as the headliner.  They were great then, they're still great now.  Of course there are those Slayer purists who can't seem to progress with the band.  Oh well, too bad for them.
そしてお待ちかね。今夜のおおとりスレイヤー! 僕は最初にスレイヤーのライブを見たのは1999年アメリカのオズフェストど見た。あのときのヘッドライナーはほぼオリジナルメンバーのブラック・サバス。 最高だったな。あの時のスレイヤーもよかったし、あれから16年後の今でもカッコいい。
And the most awesome part of the show.  Their tribute to Jeff Hanneman for the encore with the song "Angel of Death"
And so ended my evening.  Then it was time to take the long train ride home.  Catch a few hours of z's and then start the whole process all over again tomorrow!  Yep, I will be headbanging for a second straight day from morning until evening.  Lucky this year that Monday is a National Holiday!!
そして今夜のライブの幕が閉じた。これから帰りの長く感じる電車の旅。帰って、ちょっとリラックスして、寝て、明日も朝から晩までのへっどバンギングだ! よかったことに、今年の月曜日はなんと祝祭日だ!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Loud Park 2015 (Day 1 - Part 3) / ラウドパーク 2015 (初日ーパート3)

Back for more head banging after lunch.  I watched the full set of Metal Allegiance.  As my high school and college years was back in the early '80s, this was like a minor time slip for me.  Yes, I have always been a metal head, thanks to my older brother.  Heck, the first record I ever bought (with my own allowance) was Black Sabbath's "Paranoid".  I was still in the 5th grade!  And the group Metal Allegiance.  Members from some of the best known names in metal were part of the show tonight - Charlie Benante, Scott Ian, and Frank Bello from Anthrax.  Alex Skolnick and Chuck Billy from Testament.  Mark Osegueda from Death Angel. Dave Ellefson from Megadeth and Gary Holt from Exodus / Slayer.  Oh, and the tunes the played.  There were a couple of original songs but everybody sang along to those anthems from the '80s (see set list below).

ランチから戻ってMetal Allegianceのフールセットを観戦した。や~、ちょっとタイムスリップした感じだったな。僕は昔からメタル少年でした。3年年上の兄の影響だ。 僕はまだ小学校5年生の時に自分のお小遣いで初めて買ったレコードがなんとブラック・サバスの「パラノイド」でした。日本アニメテーマと山元リンダーが好きだった僕がメタルに目覚めた。Metal Allegianceの凄いところははやっぱり参加してるメンバーですよ。今夜のライブで見られたはアンスラックス、テスタメント、デス・エンジェル、メガデス等のメンバーでした。オリジナル曲もやってけど、やっぱり一番盛り上がるのはは皆が知ってるメタルの名曲ばっかり(下記のセットリストにご覧ください)。

Lets see if we can all of tonight's members on stage.
Set List:
1. The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown) (Fleetwood Mac cover)
2. Wrathchild (Iron Maiden cover)
3. Can't Kill the Devil
4. Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover)
5. Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden cover)
6. Pledge of Allegiance
7. Balls to the Wall (Accept cover)
8. Seek & Destroy (Metallica cover)
Of course all the metalheads are more familiar with the Judas Priest version of "The Green Manalishi".

I wasn't too familiar with this band but checked out a couple of their tunes before heading to the Kingdom Stage to see another veteran Japanese band - Anthem play.  I've seen Anthem before but since I was more familiar with them, I chose to watch most of their set.
Set List:
1. Now Let Them Tremble
2. For We Are Many
3. The Air That We Breathe
4. This Probably Won't End Well
5. Stand Up
6. No Knock
7. Six
8. Divide
9. What If I Was Nothing?
10. This Calling
11. Two Weeks

Set List:
1. Steeler
2. Bound to Break
3. Pain
4. Shine On
5. Immortal Bind
6. Gypsy Ways (Win, Lose or Draw)
7. Venom Strike
8. Headstrong
9. Onslaught

I think I skipped this band's set too. I don't mind there music, just not a big fan. Or maybe I saw a song or two.
Set List:
1. Th1rte3n or Nothing
2. Highlights
3. The Clash
4. Brand New Hate
5. Dysfunctional Professional
6. Bloody Tears
7. Star War
8. Nomadic
9. Abandon
10. Minus Celsius
11. Look At You

I had a dilemma here.  I wanted to watch their full set but during the same time slot, Testament would be playing the Big Rock Stage. As I had never seen Testament live, I only watched a couple of tunes from Hammerfall (I have been to one of their concerts in the past) and then had to check out Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick in person.
Set List:
1. Hector's Hymn
2. Last Man Standing
3. Any Means Necessary
4. Let the Hammer Fall
5. Blood Bound
6. Renegade
7. Bushido
8. Hearts on Fire
Set List:
1. Over the Wall
2. Rise Up
3. More Than Meets the Eye
4. Into the Pit
5. Practice What You Preach
6. The New Order
7. Souls of Black
8. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
9. 3 Days in Darkness
10. Disciples of the Watch

And right after Testament's set - the guys from New York!  But I decided to watch their set from the stands.  I was getting pretty tired. Still, five more bands after them!

テスタメントのセットが終わったら、次がニューヨーク出身の大物、アンスラックス! この辺で自由席のほうに行った。これからまだ5組が出るので結構疲れた。

Set List:
1. A.I.R.
2. Madhouse
3. Caught in a Mosh
4. Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover)
5. Antisocial (Trust cover)
6. Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't
7. In the End
8. I'm the Man
9. Indians
10. Among the Living

And another band I was looking forward to seeing as I had never seen them in concert before either.  From Denmark - Royal Hunt.


Set List:
1. The Mission
2. Half Past Loneliness
3. River of Pain
4. Tear Down the World
5. Message to God
6. Time Will Tell
7. Martial Arts
8. May You Never (Walk Alone)
9. A Life to Die For

And the headbanging continues.  And I'm going to need to get something to eat soon too!

ヘッドバンギングがつづく。 そろそろ夕飯も食べないっと!