Thursday, May 14, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 2 (Part 4) Dinner & Ramen / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 二日目 (パート4)夕食とラーメン

Back at Aomori Station it was time to go in search of dinner.  Yukio first suggested a seafood place where you can fish for your own scallops.  But that place was really crowded.  We then checked out a few of these tiny restaurants in a dark alley but they looked just a little too seedy.  But also near the station was an area full of small shops and a large open area to enjoy your meal.  As it was night and a cool breeze was coming on we opted to dine inside one of the establishments.  We chose a place called Wa Shu Bar [Adashi].


Yep, this place looks promising.
 Don't you just love the presentation?


Ginger miso oden, an Aomori favorite.


Tofu salad.


Bamboo shoots tempura.


Bacon wrapped shrimp and bacon wrapped cherry tomatoes.  Yum!

エビとプチトマトのベーコン巻! 超美味しい!

Of course we enjoyed some beer and other spirits with our dinner.  But then there was one other place I was looking forward to going.  This will make my sister jealous, but we then went to a ramen shop called [Aji no Sapporo] which is known for its Miso Curry Milk Ramen.  Very delicious! 


Aji no Sapporo / 味の札幌

Miso Curry Milk Ramen / 味噌カレー牛乳ラーメン

And so we called it a night.  But couldn't help noticing the Nebuta face on the fire hydrant.  Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.  We will meeting up with my wife's friend and will spend the day walking around the city.



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 2 (Part 3) Choshoji Temple / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 二日目 (パート3)長勝寺

We left Hirosaki Park and decided to walk to Choshoji Temple.  According to the little guide map we had, there were a number of other temples we would walk by until we reached our ultimate destination.


We came upon a statue of Takamaru-kun, mascot of Hirosaki Castle.


I always enjoy checking out public art. 

Aomori Prefecture is known for its apples.  Especially Hirosaki.  Its so cute.

りんごのまち 弘前のポスト。可愛いですね。

I wasn't sure of the signifcance of this building or what the long line was for.  But as we walked closer, we discovered it to be a Starbuck's!


This was another building that caught on our interest.


It was a sake making shop. 


Kosodate Jizo-son / 子育地蔵尊

Entrance to Temple Town called Zenringai.


My apologies but I cannot read all the names of the temples.
The gate to Choshoji Temple / 長勝寺の門
Temple Bell / お寺の鐘
The Temple gate from inside the temple grounds.
The three pictures above our tombs of high ranking samurai.

More tombs.
There are many many little Buddhas displayed here.
Our temple guide informed us that there used to be at least 500 of these statues.  But with the government sanctioned split between the Shinto and Buddhism, these Buddhist figures were scrapped.  Only 100 or so were found and are now here at Choshoji Temple.
Cute little pet cemetery with Hello Kitty.

Mount Iwaki / 岩木山
This temple looks like a house.

Temple manhole cover / 卍のマンホール
 Erinji Temple / 恵林寺
Choshoji Temple Seal / 長勝寺の御朱印
And a walk back to Hirosaki Station. 

It's not New York but it is a Big Apple!
 Oh no, our train has shrunk!
This is how we would have seen Hirosaki Castle if we were here a week earlier.  Not a miniature, but with the cherry blossoms in full bloom!  And back to Aomori for dinner.
一週間前の弘前城はこういう感じだったみたい。 青森に戻って夕食タイムだ!