Sunday, June 30, 2013

Porsche Exhibition in Roppongi / ポルシェ展示in六本木

Before heading home from Roppongi, I came upon a Porsche exhibition and because I'm a guy, I love looking at cool cars.


Panamera / パナメラ
Panamera S Hybrid / パナメラ S ハイブリッド
Boxster S / ボクスターS
Boxster S / ボクスターS
911 Carrera S / 911 カレーラS
Cayenne / カイエン
Cayenne GTS / カイエン GTS
Nothing like cool cars to keep a guys mind off of anything.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Walk around Roppongi Hills / 六本木ヒルズの散歩

Okay okay I know my blog posts are not in real time as I took this walk some time around April but I try to keep them in chronological order as best as I can.  You all know I'm so far behind on writing about my latest experiences.  The biggest being a change of jobs - but I don't particularly want to write about that.  So, in April I was meeting a friend in Roppongi Hills but I got there early so I decided to walk around and check things out.

わかってる わかってる。ブログネタがリアルタイムじゃないこと。この散歩は4月頃で実行した。ネタはなるべく行動したタイムラインで書いてつもりなので、季節外れのネタがちょくちょく。一つの大きいな理由は仕事の転職。でもその話はあんまり書きたくない、面白くないし。でわでわ、4月に六本木ヒルズで友達と会う約束があって、ちょっと早めに着いたらその周辺を散歩しました。

The bus to Roppongi Hills lets you off at the Mori Building.


Yes, it's a giant spider - this is to be our meeting place.  Scary but cool!

はい、でっかい蜘蛛です! ここが待ち合わせ場所。 不気味でもカッコいいね。

Tokyo Tower / 東京タワー

I discovered a huge rose on my walk / 散歩しながら、大きいな薔薇を発見

TV Asahi building / テレビ朝日

Walked around this peaceful little park as well / 静の公園に散歩中

Another view of the Mori Tower / 森ビル

Art object? / アートオブジェ?

The pond makes me feel calm / この池に癒される

Roppongi Hills shopping area / 六本木ヒルズショッピングアーケード

Since its such a short walk from Roppongi Hills to Roppongi I decided to wander around there as well (after meeting with my friend for lunc).

六本木は六本木ヒルズの隣だったので、六本木も久しぶりの探索 (もちろん友達と会った後)。

This was the sight of a popular Swedish restaurant (one I've been to a couple of times) and was sad to see it boarded up like this.  I thought, "oh no, has this restaurant gone out of business too?" but then I read a couple of the notices on the door which mentioned that the restaurant has moved to a new location.  I should go there again soon.


Roppongi Crossing / 六本木の交差点

Spider Man in Roppongi! / スパイダーマン六本木に出没!

Sakurazaka / 桜坂

Is it art?  Or is it a bench?  Hard to tell in Tokyo / アートなの? ベンチなの? 東京じゃわからない

Oh wait, I think this is Sakurazaka / あっ、こちが桜坂だったかも

The TV Asahi building / テレビ朝日

Hope you enjoyed the short walk around Roppongi Hills and Roppongi.  Until next time!

六本木ヒルズと六本木の散歩楽しめましたか? でわ、また今度!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sorry that this blog has been quiet but my home computer system was on its last legs.  I bought a new one and have finally got it hooked up. 

New blog posts coming soon - Takasaki Kannon, Shima Onsen, Nikko Day Trip, 2PM, Ozzfest Japan, Van Halen, etc. etc.

But I probably won't have any time to write anything until this weekend.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cherry Blossoms near Teikyo University / 帝京大学の近くの桜

Okay, the first few pics are cherry blossoms near my neighborhood.


This year, my wife's nephew became a university student and we went to help him move into his new pad.  So, the next few cherry blossom photos were taken near his neighborhood.


To get to Teikyo University, we had to take a train to Tachikawa, and then transfer to this monorail.


Nearing the nephew's new pad / 甥っ子が住む所に流れてる川

Service monorail? / サービスモノレール?

The monorail station at Teikyo University looks like a train.


Cherry blossoms along the river / 川沿いに咲いてる桜

This looks like a weeping cherry blossom / しだれ桜かな?

Cherry blossoms they are not / これは桜ではない

Came across this statue in a park along the river / この像も川沿いで発見

Yep, we got the college boy settled in (actually, he got himself settled in).