Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cherry Blossoms near Teikyo University / 帝京大学の近くの桜

Okay, the first few pics are cherry blossoms near my neighborhood.


This year, my wife's nephew became a university student and we went to help him move into his new pad.  So, the next few cherry blossom photos were taken near his neighborhood.


To get to Teikyo University, we had to take a train to Tachikawa, and then transfer to this monorail.


Nearing the nephew's new pad / 甥っ子が住む所に流れてる川

Service monorail? / サービスモノレール?

The monorail station at Teikyo University looks like a train.


Cherry blossoms along the river / 川沿いに咲いてる桜

This looks like a weeping cherry blossom / しだれ桜かな?

Cherry blossoms they are not / これは桜ではない

Came across this statue in a park along the river / この像も川沿いで発見

Yep, we got the college boy settled in (actually, he got himself settled in).


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Rurousha said...

Cherry blossoms in rainy season? ;) This was a nice surprise.