Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ikasumi Ramune (Squid Ink Ramune) / イカスミラムネ

Oh my, as the wife and I were meeting friends in Asakusa, we got there a little early and walked around.  We discovered a small Hokkaido Antenna Shop (satellite shop for my American friends). Anyway, the shop was selling a limited flavor Ramune (kind of like a Sprite or 7-Up soda) with an added ingredient.  As you can guess from the color and the label - it is flavored with squid ink!!  I thought this must be the most awful drink I've ever heard of so of course I had to buy it and try it.  Uh...the verdict.  Tastes just like regular Ramune!  That was a surprise.

や~、この間友達の誘いで浅草で遊んでました。ちょっと早く着いたんで、浅草寺の周りを散歩したら北海道のアンテナーショップを発見。そこで函館限定のラムネも発見。ラーベルを見ると今回のラムネの味分かるでしょう。瓶にも書いてあるしーイカスミラムネ。マジ不味そう!でもやっぱり買っちゃうね。飲んでみたら、あらびっくり、普通のラムネじゃないか。 色だけが黒い。あのカレ味はキムチ味ほど全然不味くなかった。ま、あなたも見付けったら試してみてあれ。

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Rurousha said...

It tastes like regular Ramune? Promise?! I still think I'd avoid it! :)