Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shopping in Odaiba / お台場で買い物

It was time to continue shopping.  We went from Venus Fort to the newer complex of Diver City.


Leaving Venus Fort / ヴィーナスフォートから出た

Fuji Television Building / フジテレビ

I think I see a very large security guard at the entrance of Diver City / ダイバーシティの入り口で結構でっかいガードマンが立ってるかも

Its Gundam! / ガンダムだ!

Very cool or what? / カッコイイね!

The Ferris Wheel at Odaiba / お台場にある観覧車

Checking out the view from the Yurikamome Line / ゆりかもめからの眺め

The Miraikan / 未来館

Fuji Television Building again / 再びフジテレビ

And back across the Rainbow Bridge as we head home / レインボーブリッジまた渡って家に帰る

And so ends our day of shopping.


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