Saturday, November 29, 2014

Grill & Bar [Brooklyn Diner] / グリール & バー 「ブルックリン・ダイナー」

A few weeks ago when I went to Komazawa to check out a ramen shop called [666], on my way home I came across a cafe that perked my interest.  I saw on their menu Jamaican jerk chicken and pulled pork sandwiches.  I promised myself I would check this place out as well and here I am having lunch.  The name of the place is the [Brooklyn Diner]. 


As this was my first trip here, I thought I would start off with the pulled-pork sandwich.  The set includes fries, salad, and soup.

Pulled pork sandwiches are still not very well known in Japan but I have noticed a few more barbecue shops opening over the past year.  This pulled pork here was much better than the barbecue place I went to in Shibuya about a year ago.  I may have to check out that place again to see if it has improved.

What would a place called [Brooklyn Diner] be without Brooklyn Lager?


Bon Appetit!

A Walk around Setagaya Kannon / 世田谷観音の散歩

Last weekend, a day before heading out to Koganei with friends, I decided to go on a little walk of my own.  Although I have featured the Setagaya Kannon before I thought I would pay it another visit.  I also wanted to add another temple seal to my collection.  I was also debating about starting a new blog (or series) of Setagaya Ward's 100 Scenic Spots.  The Setagaya Kannon is No.3.  I think I've checked out most of them already but there still might be a few I missed.


This shrine may not be as well known as Yasukuni or Kanda Myojin but its beautiful and peaceful.  And not crowded at all.

Main Temple (Hondo) / 本堂
Mizuya / 水屋
Them beady eyes look a little scary.

Hondo / 本堂
Prayer boards / 絵馬
Tokko Kannon-do / 特攻観音堂
Monument to the Kamikaze Pilots who lossed their lives for their country.
Monument to the Tenzantai / 天山隊之碑

Shoro-do (Temple Bell) / 鐘楼堂

Side view of the Hondo / 横から見る本堂
Kaisanto / 開山塔
Yumechigai Kannon / 夢違い観音

This Kannon will take your bad dreams (bad things you never want to happen again), unpleasant memories and will change them into good dreams.

 Monjusri Bodhisattva / 文殊菩薩
Fudo-do / 不動堂
The Fudo-do houses many deities.

Here there be dragons.

Ebisu, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune. 
Amida-do / 阿弥陀堂

Nio Gate / 仁王門

Nio / 仁王
Nio / 仁王
Jizo Bodhisattva / 地蔵菩薩
Another monument to the tokko tai (kamikaze pilots).

Sazare Rock / さざれ石

Koma Inu / 狛犬
This is the main entrance.  I had gone in through the back entrance to the shrine.
I think this is the worst temple seal I've received to date.  I was afraid the old man was going to keel over when he was writing this as his hand was shaking so badly and he was breathing so hard. 
いままでもらった御朱印でこれが一番ひどい。この字下手すぎと思いませんか? 書いた人は良い人だったが、手のふれがはんぱなかった。それに息も凄い荒い。途中で倒れるかと心配した。
And so ends another adventure.