Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Days with Mom Day 3 (Part 3) / お母さんとの三日間 三日目 (パート3)

We were continuing on tour of Taishakuten and headed to the gardens.  The path takes us through another building which also housed a lot of rooms on display.

帝釈天の庭に行き、他のビルも通る。ビルの中にいろんな部屋に展示ものもあります。 そこも素敵ですよ。

The path that leads us to the gardens / 庭への道

Mom still full of energy / エネルギたっぷりのお母さん

A quick peak at the gardens / 庭を覗いてみる

One of the rooms inside the building / ビルの中の部屋

Cool art work inside the building as well.

Peaceful isn't it? / 平和的でしょう?

I just love this path that takes us through the building and around the garden.

All this walking - before lunch / 昼食前に結構歩きまわってます

Kappa in the garden! / 庭の中に河童発見!

You can only view the garden, you're actually not allowed in it.


Back to the temple grounds.


Prayer board / 絵馬

The front gate and temple bell from inside the temple grounds.

Tora-san fortune!!

And one very large tree / そしてでっかい松の木がある

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Taishakuten and its gardens.  My mother and I are now going to head out for lunch.

帝釈天と帝釈天の庭楽しましたか? 次は昼食の時間だ!

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Rurousha said...

Drat. I'll have to return to this temple for another visit, because the first time I managed to miss the garden. Don't ask me how. Maybe I was too overwhelmed by the old pine tree and the beautiful carvings.