Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake in Tokyo / 東京で大地震

I imagine most of you have already seen the news. Japan was hit with a 8.8 Magnitude earthquake today in the afternoon. Although the epicenter was up north, the quake was felt in Tokyo as well. I usually work on Fridays but I had taken this day off and was sitting at home talking to my mother on the phone when our couch started shaking. As we get a lot of little earthquakes, I didn't give it much thought. But when the shaking starting to get stronger and didn't appear to be stopping, I had to tell my mother that I have to get out of the part NOW! and will try to call back later.


When the quake finally settled and I went to check inside our apartment, I found our bread basket and toaster oven on the floor, and our microwave had fallen upside down in our kitchen sink. The large bookshelf and television were unharmed but my collection of mini cars on the bookshelf were scattered all over the floor. Our cd shelf held up for this earthquake as we fixed it after the last large quake we had which helped spill hundreds of cd on our floor. A few other knick-knacks were fallen off of various shelves but nothing major was broken. The only damaged sustained was our microwave oven (but it was still usable). But we couldn't relax after the first large quake because we kept getting these aftershocks every five to ten minutes afterwards. Which makes it hard to relax because you just don't know if this quake is going to be an even bigger one. It's already been about six hours since the first big quake but we're still getting aftershocks even now.


Fortunately, we do not live by the coast. As we watched the news of the tsunami that hit the coastal towns of Northern Japan. The number of fatalities has already surpassed 50 and there are still many people missing. In Tokyo alone, the quake had caused no less than 10 fires. There was also a large fire at an oil plant in Chiba Prefecture. There is still a large tsunami warning for the entire Western coast of Japan. There is also speculation that there may be one more large quake sometime this evening. I hope that's not the case.


The first thing I saw when I went back into our apartment. The microwave on top of the fridge had also fallen off and I found it upside down in the kitchen sink.


About five years ago when we had another fairly large quake (not as large as this one), the shelves collapsed and we found hundreds of cds scattered throughout the floor. Fortunately, we re-enforced the shelves so that wouldn't happen again and am proud to report that the shelves held up. Of course, a bunch of loose items fell off the shelve though.


As you can see, our bookshelf and television were unharmed, except for the little avalanche of my mini car collection and a baset of DVD-Rs.


Star Wars space ship thought it could really fly and crashed to the ground while the Jawa's sand crawler crawled off a cliff and fell as well.


My wife and I survived the quake just fine. The only damage received was our microwave, but as I said, it was still usable.


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lvroftiques said...

Ern I'm glad you two are ok. I watched on the news as a mudslide just took over a town. It was one of the worst things I've ever seen. I expected the fatalities to be much higher but there must have been warning in advance? Still I saw many people driving their cars become engulfed by the mud (Which I understand was 13 ft high)
On a completely different note it's nice to see y'alls apartment (even if it is a tad messy at the moment) And not much damage so you did a good job with those shelves because that was a HUGE quake! Is the rest of the family ok too?