Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Walk around Osaki / 大崎の散歩

For my second neighborhood walk of the year I decided to roam around Osaki. The area around the station has grown since I moved to Tokyo and now features a couple of large shopping areas such as Gate City Osaki and Osaki New City. It's also the location of Art Village Osaki.

今年第二弾の散歩する場所は大崎周辺。駅の周りの開発は凄い。今は大きいなショッピングセンター、Gate City OsakiとOsaki New Cityなどが立てられました。他にArt Village Osaki。散歩場所には面白そうな発見がありそう。

You couldn't miss Gate City Osaki if you tried, so I decided to explore that area first. The art object in front of the building was pretty interesting as well. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors feature a lot of restaurants and a large open space with a lot of tables. A nice place to spend some time on a cold day. As I had lunch before walking around the neighborhood, I will have to come another time to check out some of the restaurants and cafes inside the building.  There is also a large garden located behind the building so of course I had to walk around there as well.

駅に降りたらすぐそばにGate City Osakiがある。行ったことないので、最初はその辺を探索。ビルの前にあるアートオブジェもなんだろうなって感じ、でも面白い。ビルの1階から3階はだいたい飲食店が入ってました。駅ビルと違って、店舗数はそんない多くはない。でも1階に広いロビがあって、寒い日にのんびり出来る場所に良いかも。行った日にやっぱり子供連れの家族が多かった。先ほどランチを食べたので、中にあるカフェやレストランはまたいつか行ってみたい。ビルの裏側のほうに大きいな庭もあって、もちろんそこも探索しました。

There was a lot of interesting art around the garden as well.


There was more art work around the plaza as well.


But what really made me decide to walk around Osaki was this statue of a Gnome with a very large hat which I always saw from the Yamanote Train line as I was headed to work (when I still worked in Shinagawa).


This is an art piece called "Growing Gardener" by Inges Idee. 2006 Aluminum, steel

「グローウィング・ガーデナー」 インゲス・イデー作品 2006年 アルミナム、スチール

More funky art work / また面白いアートオブジェ発見

The Meguro River also flows past Osaki / 目黒川は大崎にも流れてます

On the left is Onari Bridge and and the right is the Suzukake Overpass.


As I was walking back to the station, I couldn't help but notice this character. Since the Art Village Osaki was close by I figured the person must be a student. But no, he was a walking ad for a neighborhood English school called "Monster English" and this is their character mascot.


I'm familiar with blowfish restaurants and places that specialize in whale meat, but this was a first for me, a restaurant that specializes in sardines! I may have to eat there at least once just for the experience. This concludes my walk around Osaki.


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blukats said...

Oh that is crazy! I'm visiting Tokyo right now and saw that gnome from the Yamanote today! I was thinking about checking that out so your post is very helpful.