Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soup Stock Tokyo

After all the earthquake, tsunami, fire, and nuclear accident news, I thought I would return with something a little more pleasant - food! Before I wandered around Osaki, it was lunch time and I had been wanting to try some of the soups from this place. Nothing like a hot bowl of soup on a cold day! I ordered the soup set which means you get to choose two different kinds of soups and also includes some bread. Today, I went with a couple of tomato sauce flavored soups - the Atlantic lobster, tomato and potherb bisque along with the tomato stew with chicken and vegetables. I gotta tell ya, they were both mighty tasty. I must go again soon!

地震、津波、火災、原発事故のニュースばっかりで、今回は元気で明るくなるネタに戻ります。それはもちろん食べ物です!大崎周辺に散歩する前にちょうど昼だったもんで、結構前から食べに行きたかった店はこの「Soup Stock Tokyo」。寒い日にスープはもってこい食べ物と思はない?スープセットがありまして、二種類のスープを選べる。そしてパン付です。今日選んだスープはオマール海老のビスクと野菜と鶏肉のトマトシチュー。や~両方はとっても美味しかった。また行きたくなりますよ。

Soup Set / スープセット

The soups may look the same but I guarantee you they taste mighty different!


Atlantic lobster and potherb bisque / オマール海老のビスク


Tomato stew with chicken and vegetables / 野菜と鶏肉のトマトシチュー


Bon Appetit!


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lvroftiques said...

They both look DELISH!! I wish I could grab both bowls right out of the picture. It's raining and cold cold cold here Ern.....Quelle surprise..we never get rain here *winks* Vanna