Friday, June 2, 2017

Kamakura Day Trip with an Old Classmate / 幼馴染と鎌倉日帰り旅行

At the beginning of October last year, one of my oldest and dearest friend was coming to Japan with her husband, along with her brother and his wife. I had acted on their behalf as an interpreter so they could communicate with their relatives. They would only be in Tokyo for a day or two before heading to Kyushu where their relatives live. One of their goals was to see the Great Buddha in Kamakura and I offered to be their guide. My wife and I had just gone to Kamakura a week or two before but I never get tired of going to Kamakura. Such a beautiful place with lots to see.


Our first stop was to Kotoku-in where the Great Buddha is located.


Great Buddha at Kamakura / 鎌倉大仏

My friend's name is Emily. We have known each other since the 6th grade. She was my first love, even back then much to her annoyance. However, we still remain friends to this day after some 40 years.


Those slipper are taller than Emily!


Construction explanation / 胎内の説明

I told Emily it's not often you get to check out the inside of a Buddha. There really isn't much to see but for 20yen, it makes for good conversation.


Kangetsudo (Moon Viewing Hall) / 観月堂

Kangestudo explanation / 観月堂について

I suggested going to Hase Temple as it is located near Kotoku-in and that is where we went next.


Emily and her brother Jimmy.


Explanation for the above picture / 上記の写真の説明

Hotei - one of Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune / 布袋 ー 七福神の一人

Temple Bell / 鐘楼

Clam Shell Prayer Boards / かきがら絵馬

Manji Pond / 卍池

1000 Jizo / 千体地蔵

Jizo-do / 地蔵堂

Benten-do / 弁天堂

We are going into a cave. It is the Benzai Cave.


There are thousands of miniature Benzaiten statues. Another one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune.


Daikoku-do / 大黒堂

Daikokuten - God of Wealth / 大黒天

Taisenkaku Ryokan  / 旅館對僊閣

A Japanese Inn, Taisenkaku has provided lodging services at the same location in Kamakura since the late Meiji era. The splendid north facade, decorated with four transom window railings and exquisite lattice windows, looks just as it did when first constructed. This inn is historically important since it was built before World War II.


Hopping on the Enoden (Enoshima Line) to take us to Kamakura. The Kamakura Buddha is actually at an area called Hase.


Me and Emily on the Enoden / 江ノ電の中の僕とエミリ

This particular train had the wooden floors.


The Enoden / 江ノ電

Frogs at the end of the line. The word for frog in Japanese is kaeru which could also mean "going or coming home".


At Kamakura Station.


A  Totoro Shop! / となりのトトロ

And we made it to the Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine.

次の目的地に到着 ー 鶴岡八幡宮。

I managed to get a shot of a Miko-san and if you look closely, you can see Emily beyond the gate as well.


Emily with her husband Kelly.


And so ended our day tour of Kamakura.


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