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Loud Park 2016 (Day 1 Part 1) / ラウド・パーク 2016年 (デイ1 パート1)

With the first announcement of this year's Loud Park, Japan's only all heavy metal festival, I think it might be time for me to write about last year's show. This is my 6th time of going to Loud Park. I have been going every year since 2010 (except for 2012 - I didn't like the line-up at first). However, I was excited about going to this year's show. Headliners Whitesnake and Scorpions! And there were so many other bands I wanted to see which included Armored Saint, Queensryche, Candlemass, and Aldious (just on the first day!). I was also looking forward to seeing Lords of Black. The vocalist was the singer for Richie Blackmore's Rainbow summer tour. Two other bands I was really excited to see were Aldious (an all female Japanese band that dresses in frilly costumes) and Myrath - heavy metal from Tunisia!  This year, once again, there will be three stages. On the first night there will be the Ultimate Stage, the Big Rock Stage, and the Kingdom Stage. I will be busy going from one stage to the next. The following day there will be the Ultimate Stage, the Big Rock Stage and the Extreme Stage which will mostly feature death metal and extreme bands. Of course I will be banging my head from 10am until 10pm at night for two nights in a row! Metal Church with the return of Mike Howe was originally on the bill as well but for some reason or another they cancelled.


I got to the venue early and was able to catch the very first act on the first day. I had to make a choice between watching Flesh Juicer from Taiwan or I Promised Once, a Japanese-German metalcore band. I decided to start my headbanging day by watching the band from Taiwan.

会場に早めに着いてオペニングアクトはどっち見るかと迷った。台湾出身のFlesh Juicerか日本とドイツのメタルコアバンドのI Promised Onceを見るか。結局キングダムステージで台湾のバンドを見に行きました。


Checking out the schedule of which bands are playing on which stage. Of course I have a small card that provides me with the same information too.


Here I am at the Kingdom Stage waiting for Flesh Juicer to appear.

キングダムステージに着いて、Flesh Juicerの出番を待つ。

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The vocalist is wearing some kind of pig mask.


Yeah, that's kind of scary.


Set List:
4.Loop One
7.Loop Two
9.Loop Three
11.Loop Four

As I was watching Flesh Juicer, I did not get a chance to see this band that was playing on the Big Rock Stage at the same time.

Flesh Juicerを見てたので、このバンドはビッグロックステージで演奏したためまったく観てません。

Set List:
1.Under the Influence
2.Let Me Go
3. Far Away

A quick run from the Kingdom Stage to the Ultimate Stage to see the Sons of Texas.

キングダムステージからアルティメットステージでSons of Texasのライブを見る。


Set List:
1.Never Bury the Hatchet
2.Nothing King
3.Pull It and Fire
4.The Vestryman
6.Baptized in the Rio Grande
7.Texas Trim

I had to run back to the Kindgom Stage because I didn't want to miss Lords of Black's performance. At the same time Lords of Black were playing, Zardonic, a DJ from Venezuela would be playing on the Big Rock Stage. I already knew I would skip watching Zardonic.

急ぎでキングダムステージに戻った。Lords of Blackのライブは見逃したくなかった。同時の時間にビッグロックステージでベネズエラ出身のDJが立つ。DJにはまったく興味なく、ちょっとでも見ようとは思えなかった。


Set List:
1.Against All Odds
2.For Justice
3.Crush It
6.Pure Power
7.Raise Hell
8.The Time is Now
10. Highway 666


Set List:
2.Nothing Left to Fear
3.Everything You're Not
4.New World's Comin'
5.Ghost of You
6.Lords of Black
7.Shadows of War

Once again I had to hurry to the Ultimate Stage to check out Aldious, the all female metallers of Japan.



Damn, they were awesome...and I'm not being biased because they were cute or good-looking. They really do rock! You would be surprised at the state of women metallers in Japan with other bands such as Cyntia or Mary's Blood.

最高に良い。綺麗だから言ってる訳じゃないよ、本当にメタルって感じ。美しさは彼女たちのプラスアルファですよ。現在の日本って女性のメタルバンドは結構ありますよ。CyntiaやMary's Bloodもようチェック。

Set List:
1.Ultimate Melodious
2.White Crow
3.Raise Your Fist
4.Die For You

Live coverage continues. 14 more bands to go. I also have to eat at some point in time.


To be continued...


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