Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reunions, Yosakoi, and the 2016 Battle of the Udon (Part 2) / 再開、よさこい、と2016年うどん天下一決定戦 (パート2)

After getting our fill of watching the Yosakoi dancers, it was hearty eating time for udon as we went to the Battle of the Udon Festival 2016. My wife and I along with some friends had gone last year and had a great time I was sure my friend Ed and his daughter would enjoy it as well. Between the four of us, we tried seven different types of udon.


Udon Festival Campaign Girls / うどんフェスキャンペーンガール

Oyster tempura with mekabu udon / 牡蠣天ぷらめかぶ入りうどん

Reimen style buta-shabu udon / 冷麺風ぶたしゃぶうどん

Grilled eggplant oroshi daikon bukkake udon / 焼きナスおろしぶっかけ極細うどん

Senkichi curry udon / 千吉カレーうどん

Scary looking mascot for the next udon we ate.


Mingei hiyashi nikusuki udon with wasabi / 民芸冷やし肉すきうどん わさび仕立て

Ise udon / 伊勢うどん

Kama-age shirasu no kama-tama udon with shrimp / 釜あげしらすの釜たまうどん 大えび天入り

Misocchi, not sure who's mascot it is though.


Of course they were all delicious but I think we were all in agreement that the best tasting udon was the Senkichi Curry udon. In fact Ed's daughter ordered another bowl for herself.


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