Friday, January 20, 2017

Reunions, Yosakoi, and the 2016 Battle of the Udon (Part 3) / 再開、よさこい、と2016年うどん天下一決定戦 (パート3)

After eating our fair share of udon, Ed and I decided it was time for a little liquid refreshment. We found a booth serving a Virgo craft beer - and ordered their Virgo beer tasting set which included four different kinds of beer - mocha brown ale, wine red ale, honey lemon ale, and a standard lager.


Virgo Beer Tasting Set / ヴィルゴビール飲み比べセット

Just in case you thought Ed was a figment of my imagination, we really haven't seen each other in about 30 years! It was quite fortunate that him and his daughter came when they did as my wife and I would moving to Aomori in a couple of months.


Me and Ed / 僕とエド

Me and Ed with his beautiful daughter - Emma.

僕とエドと彼の自慢の娘 ーエマ。

And seeing how we still had room for dessert, we went to a favorite shop of me and my wife's called Silkream. I can't remember who had what but all I can say is that this is a great place for desserts!


Banana with cocoa chips and chocolate / 完熟バナナ&刻みカカオのチョコレート

Chocolate fondant made with Belgian chocolate / ベルギーチョコを使ったフォンダンチョ

Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream / 熱々アップルパイ&ロヤルバニラソフトクリーム

Rose parfait / ローズパルフェ

I only got to see Ed for this one day as he was on a tight schedule and a tight budget as well but we did have a very nice visit. I hope to see him in his hometown sometime in the near future.


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