Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Reunions, Yosakoi, and the 2016 Battle of the Udon (Part 1) / 再開、よさこい、と2016年うどん天下一決定戦 (パート1)

A few months back I received mail from a friend I haven't heard from in about thirty years! Not since high school graduation anyway. Someone I had known since the 6th grade. It turns out his daughter would be studying for a year in Japan and it presented an opportunity for him to visit the country and since he knew I had been living here, checked to see if we could get together while he was in town. I checked the schedule of when he would be in town and discovered that on one of the weekends would be a Yosakoi event along with a battle for the best udon at Yoyogi Park. I would be seeing my friend Ed for the first time in 30 years, imagine that? As this was Ed's first visit to the country, before we went to the udon festival booths, we checked out the different Yosakoi teams. Yosakoi being a type of traditional dance.


As the still pictures do not give the dancers justice, please check them out on the short video clip.


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