Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pancake Mama Cafe [Voi Voi] / パンケーキ・ママ・カフェ「ボイボイ」

My wife and I did not immediately catch on to the pancake boom that happened in Tokyo, especially with the Hawaiian shops, but we have been curious about a local pancake shop in our neighborhood and finally decided to check it out. As with the Hawaiian shop, there is always a long line outside but we showed up early but still had a thirty minute wait. The pancake shop we went to is located in Sangenjaya is called [Voi Voi].


Before the Hawaiian pancake boom, I think the best place to find pancakes was at some coffee shop and they are called hotcakes.


Patiently awaiting our table.


I know most pancakes are of the sweet variety but the pancake that caught my eye on their menu was their hot chili beans with cheddar cheese Mexican pancake. Of course that it was I had to order. My wife ordered their classic buttermilk pancakes.


Classic Buttermilk Pancakes / クラッシクバターミルクパンケーキ

Mexican pancake / メキシカンパンケーキ

The pancakes are served with soup and salad.


Voi Voi collage / ボイボイコラージュ

We went to this restaurant on one more occasion before moving to Aomori and I ordered their four cheese fondue pancake. I believe my wife once again ordered the classic or maybe this time she ordered the Mexican.


Four cheese fondue pancake / 4種類のチーズフォンデュパンケーキ

All the pancakes at this shop are delicious, but remember, it does get crowded so I would suggest going right when it opens.


Bon Appetit!



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