Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ayung Teras / アユンテラス

One of my drinking buddies from my days as a regular at the rock bar Dokken, Yamakawa-san had invited us and Dokken-san to go out to dinner and enjoy some Indonesian cuisine. He had chosen a place called Ayung Teras in Shibuya. The name had a familiar ring to it and when we headed to the restaurant, I recalled that I had actually been there before with a co-worker from my days at Tower Records. I'm glad to know it is still as popular as ever and we had a short wait before being shown to our table. We were waiting for Dokken-san and Yamakawa-san at the Moyai statue near Shibuya station.


Me and Dokken-san (former owner of Rock Bar Dokken) / 僕とドッケンさん

Ayung Teras / アユンテラス

I love ethnic food and was looking forward to once again experiencing some Indonesioan cuisine.


We started off with some Bintang beer.


KangKung Goren / 空芯菜炒めもの

Nasi Goreng Bagus / インドネシア風炒飯

Satay Ayam / チキンのサテ

Mihun Goreng Ayung / 焼きビーフン アユン風

Acar / インドネシアン風ピクルス

I didn't bother with the English names but I think you can pretty much guess what we had to eat. And it was all delicious.


And another beer before calling it a night.


Bon Appetit!


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