Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hanami at Yoyogi Park 2016 / 代々木公園の花見 2016

Little did I know this would be my last hanami with my friends in Tokyo. My wife and I wouldn't decide about moving to Aomori until August and this was still early in the year around the first week of April.


The crowd gathers.


I can't remember who made these but damn, they were good!


I found myself an Engelchen Belgian beer.


Nice turnout this year. The guy on the very left - hadn't seen him for quite a few years as he moved back to his hometown in Miyazaki Prefecture but is currently working in Utsunomiya so he came down for the hanami.  The guy sitting next to him is originally from Miyazaki Prefecture as well and we hadn't seen him since my friend Yukio played a show at O East.

今年の人数は結構良かった。一番左側に写ってる人は何年も会ってなかった。実家の宮崎県に戻ったが、仕事の都合で現在は宇都宮に働いてる。わざわざ花見の為に東京まで来た。彼が隣と話してる人も宮崎県出身。友達の幸男がO Eastのライブ依頼会ってなかった。

Shibata and Nori / 柴田とノリ君

Gan and Ai / 岩ちゃんと愛ちゃん

I would say I'd see them all again next year but next year I will not be in Tokyo!


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