Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last Days in Tokyo / サラバ東京

As most of you know, last month I have moved from Tokyo to Aomori. It has taken a while to get the internet set up in my new home. And although this post is titled "Last Day in Tokyo", it will not be the last post on this blog. I still have many adventures in Tokyo that I want to share. So I will continue to update this blog but I plan on starting a new blog as I am no longer "Ern in Tokyo" but currently "Ern in Aomori". My apologies to any readers who have been wondering why there has been no updates in over a month.

ご存知の方は何人もいると思いますが、先月私は東京から青森に移住しました。義理の母と一緒生活することを決心しました。家のパソコンが約一ヶ月でやっと復活致しました。このネタのタイトルが「サラバ東京」になってますが、しばらくこのブログを更新します。まだ東京で体験したことが沢山ある。同時に青森のネタは新しブログを作成する予定なので、そちも楽しんで読んで下さい。今までは「Ern in Tokyo」でしたが、現在は「Ern in Aomori」だ。僕のブログの読者の皆様長い間を留守してすみません。

This is the view from my the front of my apartment. The thought of leaving this small abode fills me sadness and foreboding as I will venture north into new surroundings and an unknown future. However, it was a choice I made, so at the same time I am filled with a bit of excitement as well. But when I think I will no longer be able to see this view, it does fill me with a bit of melancholy.


The view from our veranda. Good-bye to Wakabayashi Inari Jinja. Although not pictured in the photo above, good-bye to Carrot Tower.


All packed up and ready to move. The movers have arrived and are removing our life in Tokyo - about 40 boxes, two large tables, a bookshelf, our large screen tv, and a few other odds and ends.


The movers will dispose of our washing machine, refrigerator and fortunately helped move our couch as well.


We really are going to move. So strange that this would be the last night we spend here after living here for eleven years. As we have no dishes or microwave to heat food, we went to dinner at our neighborhood family restaurant Gusto for our final supper in Tokyo.


Our last supper in Tokyo. We will need to save money after tonight.


Eleven years in Wakabayashi. Ten years in Mishuku. A total of 21 years in Tokyo. Cheers to all the good memories!


So empty.


The last day is finally here. We are just waiting for our landlord to come by to inspect the apartment. Hopefully we will get the majority of our deposit back. It's 8am. Our landlord said she would come by at 11am. Three hours to wait with no television or radio. Only our cell phones and each other to entertain ourselves.


Our landlord came. Inspected our place. We did manage to get back the majority of our deposit which was a blessing. This will help us for our first month in Aomori.


This really is my last beer in Tokyo. We had time for lunch at Tokyo station before hopping on the shinkansen with a one-way ticket to Aomori!


A beef stew lunch set before hopping on the train.


My wife had the ankake yakisoba for the last meal in Tokyo.


With a sald of course.


Our train that will take us up north.


And its off to a new life and a new adventure!


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