Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stew Restaurant Hippopotamus (new location) / シチューの店「ヒポポタマス」(移店先)

My wife and I had a favorite neighborhood restaurant called [Hippopotamus] where we went to eat weekly for a long time period. The specialty of the restaurant was its beef stew but we were hooked on their garlic-cream chicken. One day while we were walking, we noticed that the space where the restaurant was supposed to be was empty! It was a very sad day or so we thought until we continued walking and discovered that they didn't close, they only moved to a new location. By this time we had not been going every week, only on a few rare occasions. But being so happy to know that they didn't close, one Saturday afternoon, I decided to have lunch at the new location.

自分の近所に以前僕と妻の気に入りのビーフシチューの店「ヒポポタマス」がありました。 長い期間毎週行きましたね。シチューが店の自慢ですが、私たちがはまったのチキンのガーリッククリームソース。これは絶品。ある日散歩しながら、店がなくなってた。びっくりの上結構悲しい気持ちになった。でも散歩を続いたら、またびっくり、店は潰れたんじゃなくて、移転しました。良かった。まだあの大好きなガーリッククリームチキンが食べられる!ちょっと前だけど、昼食の時間でウロチョロしてる時、思い出した。ヒポはランチもやってる、そこに食べに行こうっと。

The restaurant moved from Wakabayashi to a busy shotengai (market street) near Shoin Jinja. The new location has a larger space but still retains its homey atmosphere.


Oh no! I thought again as I noticed the garlic cream chicken was not listed on the lunch menu. Fortunately, since I have been a long time customer, the owner made my favorite dish for me! The lunch set includes salad with home-made dressing and you can choose if you would like rice or bread as well.


Their homemade dressing is to kill for. So delicious. I had asked for the recipe once and had given it to my sister but she told me she lost it.


My favorite dish on their menu, the garlic cream chicken.


I decided to have the bread with my lunch instead of rice as I like to dip the bread into the garlic sauce as well.


And a beer to go with the meal.


Bon Appetit!


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