Sunday, November 13, 2016

2016 New Year Welcoming Party / 2016年 新年会

Japan has a tradition of having an end of the year party in December called the bonenkai and then a welcoming the new year party called the shinnenkai. My friends and I usually celebrate both the bonenkai and shinnenkai at our friend's restaurant [Kitamachi Utou] in Ushigome Kagurazaka. This year would be no different.

日本で年末に忘年会があって、新年には新年会があり。僕の回りの友達は毎年牛込神楽坂にある「北町 善知鳥」という店で忘年会と新年会を開催する。今年の新年会も友達とその店に集まってワイワイしました。

Cheers to the New Year / 2016年に乾杯

The informally set menu is always delicious!


Always a good time when celebrating with friends.


Someone brought a snack from Aomori Prefecture called Imo ate.


Owner and chef of Kitamachi Utou, Ken-chan / 北町善知鳥のオーナーチェフの健ちゃん

Yukio most likely doing his Eikichi Yazawa impression.


Yukio and 21 (that is his nickname) / 幸男と21番

Group photo / グループフォト

Continuing the celebration of the New Year at another establishment.


Me and my friend Ai / 僕と友達の愛ちゃん

Wandering the street of Kagurazaka at night.


Someone having too much fun.


But before going home, some of us had a bowl of ramen at Kagetsu Arashi.


And that was the end of the evening.


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