Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Year 2016 Adventure (Part 2) / 2016正月の冒険 (パート2)

Continuing our New Year's Holiday adventures with our friends, after paying our respects at Kamishin Meitenso Jinja, we walked to Togoshi Ginza where we had lunch at some yakiton shop called Asa-chan.


As we were walking to Togoshi Ginza, we came across one of Japan's disappearing traditions - the public bathhouse.


Lunch time at Asa-chan.


Cabbage tower / キャベツのタワー

And a Sky Tree beer to wash it all down.


After our hearty lunch we decided to head towards Zojoji Temple near the Tokyo Tower.


Daimon / 大門

The Sanmon Gate to Zojoji Temple / 増上寺の三門

Zojoji Temple and the Tokyo Tower / 増上寺と東京タワー

Stone image of Buddha's foot / 仏足石

Tree planted by 41st U.S. President George H.W.Bush in 1982 when he was Vice President.

ブッシュ槙 (コウヤマキ) 米国第41代ブッシュ大統領が副大統領として昭和57年4月24日来日の際、増上寺に参詣し、記念としてこの樹を手植されました。

Zojoji Temple / 増上寺

Tokyo Tower / 東京タワー

Toshogu in Tokyo Torii / 東京の東照宮の鳥居

Tokyo Toshogu / 東京東照宮

Tokyo Tower / 東京タワー

It was getting late but we went out for some ramen before heading our separate ways.


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