Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Year 2016 Adventure (Part 1) / 2016正月の冒険 (パート1)

Time to catch up with my past adventures starting with a pilgrimage to different shrines and temples with our friends Yukio and Reiko during the New Year Holidays.


Our first stop was where the 47 ronin lie. We went to Sengakuji. I think this would be my third or fourth visit to this temple.


Statue of Zen master Sawada Kodo Roshi / 沢木興道の像

Temple Bell / 梵鐘

My wife is checking out the suikinkutsu.


Explanation of what the suikinkutsu is.


Blood-stained plum tree and stone. According the official website of Sengakuji, it is believed that Asano Takuminokami committed seppuku in the garden staining this tree and stone.


Kubi-arai well. Also from the official website: After the retainers accomplished their avenge by killing Kira, they marched to Sengakuji to report to their lord's grave. When they arrived, they first washed Kira's decapitated head (kubi) at this well and then laid it in front of their lord"s grave and announced their success.


The following pictures are of the graves of the 47 ronin.


Grave of Naganori Asano (Takumi no Kami) / 浅野長矩公之墓

Names of the 47 ronin / 47浪人の墓の位置

We decided to walk from Sengakuji to our next destination, Shinagawa Jinja. On our way, we also stopped at Takanawa Jinja.


Takanawa Jinja Torii / 高輪神社の鳥居

Tanawa Jinja / 高輪神社

The main entrance to Shinagawa Jinja. There is another entrance which leads up to what's called Shingawa Fuji. If you climb up those steps, it is said that you would receive the same Divine favor as if you climbed up Mount Fuji.


Steps leading to the top of Shinagawa Fuji.


Daikokuten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune / 大黒天、七福神の一人

Path to the main shrine / 参道

Hondo / 本堂

Inari Jinja / 稲荷神社

I spotted a turtle.


A kappa sitting on the corner of the hand purification basin.


These frogs are to protect you when driving to make sure you get home safely.


Path leading up to Shingawa's Mount Fuji. Of course we will climb it.


Here we are at the summit.


Coming down the mountain.


Public art as we head to the next shrine on our New Year's pilgrimage. We were once again headed to the White Snake Shrine in Futaba in Shingawa Ward. The official name of the shrine is Kamishinmeitenso Jinja. We will receive our New Year's shrine seal which they only provide for a limited time.


Kamishinmeitenso Jinja / 上神明天祖神社

Hondo / 本堂

It was such a nice day and the shrine was running a couple of food booths so we decided to have a snack or two here.


We had some ramen and yakitori.


Reiko and Yukio / 玲子と幸男

Of course we had some beer too!


Our New Year adventure continues...


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