Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kyushu [Jyangara ramen] / 九州 「じゃんがらラーメン」

A few weeks ago my wife and I decided to walk from our apartment to Harajuku. I was looking forward to seeing the Kiss Expo at the LaForet Museum. We also had planned on having lunch in Harajuku and a very popular ramen shop called [Jyangara Ramen] which is a Kyushu style tonkotsu ramen shop.


As we made our way to La Foret Museum, I found the entrance fee for the Kiss Expo was 1,600yen per person. I can understand the amount for a National Museum but it seemed rather steep just to check out Kiss memorabilia and the thought of giving even more money to Gene Simmons was not to my liking, so we skipped the museum and went to lunch.


I have been to this shop on a couple of other occasions but that was many many years ago. We were lucky as we came to the shop right around opening time so we did not have to wait in line as is usual for this shop.


My wife ordered the standard jyangara with kakuni while I decided on the kobonshan with a flavored boiled egg


This was the view outside from where we were sitting.


As I mentioned, we were here before the rush, so the shop was not yet crowded.


My wife's order - jyangara ramen.


My order, the kobonsha ramen which is made with a tonkotsu soup and fried garlic oil.


Bon Appetit!


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