Sunday, December 25, 2016

Bhutan Cuisine [Gatemo Tabum] / ブータン料理 「ガテモタブン」

My wife and I had been addicted to a Japanese drama show called [The Solitary Gourmet] and on one of the episodes in Season 5, the main character finds himself in Yoyogi Uehara and comes upon a Bhutanese restaurant called [Gatemo Tabum]. As a fan of trying ethnic cuisines, this was one place I definitely wanted to check out before moving to Aomori. I'm sure this is the only Bhutanese restaurant in Tokyo or rather in Japan for that matter and my culinary curiosity got the best of me. So when my wife asked where we should go for a walk on a sunny day, I of course suggested Yoyogi Uehara. My wife knows me too well. She saw right through my plan. I said we haven't been to Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine, this would be a good opportunity to check it out (and an even better chance for me to talk her into going to the Bhutanese place). But being the understanding wife she is, we did go to Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine but we also did go to Gatemo Tabun for lunch.


Gatemo Tabum / ガテモタブン

We made it to the restaurant a half-hour before the lunch time would be over.


Lunch set is less than 1,000yen and includes soup, salad and rice with free refills for the rice. You can choose from four different main dishes - Pagsha Pa (Pork and Chili with radish), Jasha Maru (Chicken & Chili with Tomato), Shamu Datshi (Chili & Cheese Stew with mushrooms) or Ema Omelette (with original ketchup sauce). My wife chose the Pagsha Pa while I ordered the Jasha Maru.


Wife's set / 妻のランチセット

My lunch set / 僕のランチセット

Pagsha Pa / パクシャパ

Jasha Maru / ジャシャマル

Even the dressing for the salad seem to be seasoned with a bit of hot pepper. The soup had a bit of a curry flavor. The entire meal was delicious. By the way, my wife did not eat the large hot pepper placed across her bowl! I don't recall what my wife drank with dinner but I ordered a lassi. A good thing too. Everything was spicy but so delicious, I'm glad we made the effort to have lunch here. I was quite satisfied. Whenever we get a chance to go back to Tokyo, I hope to be able to eat here again.


Bon Appetit!


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