Friday, October 7, 2016

Walking home from Sakurashinmachi / 桜新町から帰りの散歩

After my wife's mammogram and lunch last Monday, we decided to walk back home from Sakurashinmachi, a nice half-hour to forty-five minute walk.  Of course we would stop at places we found interesting. The long path to the Hisatomi Inari Shrine caught our interest so we decided to check it out.


Path to Hisatomi Inari Shrine / 久富稲荷神社の参道

Dragon at the hand purification basin and a frog too if you look closely.


Hondo / 本堂

Prayer boards / 絵馬

More foxes below the main shrine.


This shrine housing the owl is said to be the God of Scholarship, of long life, and prosperity in business among other things.


Orange tree on the shrine grounds.


Hisatomi Inari Shrine Seal / 久富稲荷神社の御朱印

Zenyouin / 善養院

I see a little elephant in the corner.


There wasn't much new else to see as we were nearing our neighborhood.


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