Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chinese Restaurant [Hacchoken] / 中華料理 「八丁軒」

Last Monday, my wife had her annual mammogram at a small clinic in Sakurashinmachi.  As her appointment was at 11:45am and took about an hour we decided to have lunch in the neighborhood.  One of my wife's co-workers recommended a small Chinese restaurant that only has counter space but said the food was delicious so we had decided to check the place out.  It is as her co-worker said, room enough for a maximum of about 15 people seated around U-shaped counter.  The menu was fairly standard and posted on the wall.  My wife ordered the moyashi soba while I ordered the yakisoba.


The moyashi soba was topped with some type of ankake sauce.  This blends well with the soy based broth and gives it a mild flavor. Yes, I had a taste.

もやしそばのつゆは醤油ベースでまたその上にあんかけが乗ってる。混ぜたらさらに美味しい味が引き立つの。 はい、自分も一口味わった。

I don't usually order yakisoba at a restaurant but decided to take a chance.  It sure is different than homemade or instant ones.  This restaurant's yakisoba has its own distinct flavor.  It was quite delicious.


Bon Appetit!


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