Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Walk around Yutenji / 祐天寺の散歩

Last Sunday, my wife and I walked from our apartment to Yutenji Temple and back.  It takes about an hour to an hour and a half one way.  There wasn't really anything of interest before reaching our destination so most of the pictures are of just Yutenji Temple.  I have actually been here once before.  I visited this temple with my mother as one of her good friend's family tombstone is located here.


This is the entrance to Yutenji Temple, the Omote-Mon or the Front Gate.


This is the Nio-Mon.  You can see Nio-sama on both sides of the gate.


Kasane-zuka / 累塚

Temple bell / 梵鐘

Buddha's Feet / 仏足石

Mizuko Jizo / 水子地蔵

Hondo / 本堂

Temple details

Shoin / 書院

Temple Office / 寺務所

Yutenji Temple Seal / 祐天寺御朱印

We didn't want to walk back the same way we came so we followed Yutenji Street to Yutenji Station and was heading back to our apartment by a different route.


And being a fan of steam locomotives, I had to take a picture of this. It may not be the entire steam locomotive but a part to the C57117 series.


It is the property of the Curry Station Niagara which used to located along Yutenji Street but I believe they moved to a new location.  I will have to check again.  The owner of the curry shop is a hardcore railway collector and railway fans from all over the world visits his restaurant.


After our long walk from apartment to Yutenji Temple, we decided to stop at a little shop for a short break.  I enjoyed myself a cola float while my wife ordered a shaved ice with azuki and topped with vanilla ice cream.


However, on our walk back to our apartment we did make a discovery.  We came upon the residence of Dr. NakaMats.


The house is quite large.  And there is a sign on the corner that calls this place Dr. NakaMats Square.  And if you check out the street signs, one says Dr. NakaMats Ave. while the other says Dr. NakaMats St.


Then back at home for dinner.  It was a rather nice day but a little too humid for a walk.  The first thing we wanted to go when we got back home was to take a shower!


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