Friday, October 14, 2016

Shirohige Cream Puff Shop / 白髭シュークリーム工房

For all you Studio Ghibli fans.  I still haven't gone to the Studio Ghibli Museum but not too far from my apartment is the Shirohige Cream Puff Shop.  It is located in Daita close to the Setagaya Daita station on the Odakyu line. This shop specializes in Totoro Cream Puffs.  My wife and I had passed by this quite a few years ago but it was only recently that I decided I wanted to actually try one of their cream puffs. 


The cream puff shop is located on the 1st floor of this cute building.  The 2nd floor is the Tolo Cafe. 


I received permission to take pictures inside the shop as well.


Totoro Cream Puffs / トトロシュークリーム

I would love to have those animation cells on the wall.


I waited for my wife to come home from work so we could both enjoy the Totoro cream puffs. 


The day I went, there was four different flavors to choose from.  The standard custard cream, chocolate, strawberry, and starting this month - chestnuts.  I chose the chestnut for my wife (pictured above on the left) and the strawberry for myself (pictured on the right).  You could tell the flavors of the Totoro cream puffs by the item on top of its ear.  The cost is a little expensive at 400 to 440 yen per cream puff but they were so delicious it was worth it.

僕が店に行った日、4種類の味が選べることが出来ました。 定番のカスタードクリーム、チョコレートクリーム、木苺とクリームチーズと今月からマロンとマロンクリーム。妻の為にマロンとマロンクリームを買って、自分は木苺&クリームチーズをチョイス。一個はちょっと高めなんですが(400-440円)がします。耳に飾ってるものでなに味がわかります。 本当に美味しかったです。

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