Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nihonbashi Tendon [Kaneko Hannosuke] / 日本橋天丼 「金子半之助」

A few months ago, my wife's friend who lives in Yamanashi Prefecture came for a visit.  We were planning on having lunch at this well-known steak bowl restaurant in Nihonbashi only to discover that it was closed the day we went (even though the information we found on the internet showed that the shop was supposedly opened for business).  So we had to think of an alternative place to go and chose a famouse tempura restaurant called [Kaneko Hannosuke]. We expected a line in front of the shop but what we didn't expect was to wait in that line for an hour and forty minutes before we were shown to our table. Choosing what to eat is easy as there is only one item on the menu - Edomae tendon (a bowl of rice topped with fish and vegetable tempura).


Was it worth the wait?  Yes, it was.  This would be the best tendon you could imagine. But the next time we go, we will be sure to go earlier so we won't have to wait in line as long as we did today.


The tendon is served with miso soup.


Aside from the fish, shrimp, and vegetables, there is also tempura of a poached egg.


Bon Appetit!


The shop's menu. The main dish and only item is as I said, the Edomae tendon.


The line never seemed to have shortened even after we finished our meal. These people will have to wait over an hour before they are seated inside the shop!


After a nice hearty lunch, time to go walking somewhere around the city, but where?


Feel free to check out their website listed below.


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