Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Walk around Nihonbashi and the KITTE Building / 日本橋とKITTEビルの散歩

Continuing my post when my wife's friend came for a visit from Yamanashi.  After having lunch we wandered around Nihonbashi then walked towards Tokyo Station.  I wanted to go to the KITTE building that houses a free museum.


Cute sight-seeing bus but we did not ride on it.


The sign says this is a Miyazaki Garappa.  It was displayed in front of some art gallery which we also did not go in. Not a kappa but something close.  You are supposed to rub its head for good luck.


My wife's friend rubbing the head of the Miyazaki Garappa for good luck.


The torii for fairly recently built Fukutoku Jinja.


Fukutoku Jinja Hondo / 福徳神社本堂

We stopped in at a satellite shop for Shimane and Nara Prefectures.  At the Shimane shop, their was a an event featuring the Prefecture's mascot Shimanekko.


Shimanekko Signing event / しまねっこ握手会

Shimanekko / しまねっこ

Nara Prefecture's mascot Sento-kun stands outside the shop to welcome visitors.


Reading the sign to discover this area is the location for the remains of the Nihonbashi Riverside Fish Market.


Nihonbashi River / 日本橋川

Nihonbashi kirin with wings (mythical creature) / 日本橋の麒麟

Nihonbashi / 日本橋

We stopped off at another shop that carried products from different Prefectures as well.  Yuko and I are feasting on some type of fish.


 I also snacked on a senbei.


And I tried these three different Nihon-shu from Nagasaki Prefecture.


Had a cup of  carrot juice as well.


Short break at Tully's.


And then we went to the KITTE building.  Before checking out the free museum, we discovered the post office was doing some type of stamp rally so we participated in that first.


Our little prize we received after finding all the stamps.


Tasted some more nihon shu.


Inside the post office that's located in the KITTE building, they had on exhibit these mini motorcycles.


As much as I would have liked to included some pictures from the free museum, the University of Tokyo, University Museum, pictures were not allowed.  One of the most fascinating aspects of the museum was the permanent display of Emil Guimet and titled "The Small Chamber of Curiosities" which was donated from the city of Lyon in France.  It is very cool and would remind one of Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe in Seattle. And so ended our day's adventure.


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