Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ikuta Ryokuchi (Part 3) Lunch and the Steam Locomotive / 生田緑地 (パート3)昼食とSL

Time for lunch at Ikuta Ryokuchi Park.  For some reason, whenever we are at a place like this Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum, it puts us in the mood for soba.


My wife ordered the soba with the tororo.


Although I am not a trainspotter, I love checking out the various trains and steam locomotives that are in display in different parks.


D51 408

Beer break before going to the Taro Okamoto Museum.


We came across one of those free libraries, "Take-One, Leave-One".  I always thought these were a good idea.

これの隣にあったサインが可愛い。Take-One, Leave-One ~おとなのための森の小さな図書館はじまりました~って!

Not only do we get to see the art of Taro Okamoto, but from July 7 through October 10th, you can also check out the "The Railway Art Museum".

岡本太郎美術館で平成28年 7月16日から10月10日まで鉄道美術館も展示されてる。

One of Taro Okamoto's pieces displayed outside the museum.


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