Monday, September 5, 2016

Ikuta Ryokuchi (Part 2) Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum / 生田緑地 (パート2)日本民家園

Continuing our exploration of the Japan Open-Air Folk Museum in Kawasaki.


This building is made the same way as the World Heritage Site in Gifu.


Shishiotoshi / 獅子落とし

Another building with an irori.


The Emukai House / 旧江向家住宅

The Yamada House / 旧山田住宅

The Nohara House / 旧野原家住宅

The Yamashita House / 旧山下住宅

Going through this tunnel will lead us to other half of the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum.  I had not realized how large this place was.


I spotted a different kind of a visitor on one of the signs. 


The Sakuda House / 旧作田家住宅

Storehouse on Stilts / 沖永長部の高倉

The Hirose House / 旧広瀬家住宅

The Kitamura House / 旧北村家住宅

The Koizumi House Outhouse / 小泉家外便所

Inside the Kiyomiya House / 旧清宮家住宅の中

Hut for storing firewood / 棟持柱の木小屋

The Itoh House / 旧伊藤家住宅

Kokagesan Shrine / 蚕影山祠堂

Volunteer made a grasshopper out of some type of leaf.


It also looks like a snake shed his skin here.


The Iwasawa House / 旧岩澤家住宅

Kabuki Stage from Funakoshi / 船越の舞台

Revolving stage at the Kabuki Theater called a naraku.


The Sugawara House / 旧菅原家住宅

Ferryman's Hut / 船頭小屋

You can see the rings the used to set the poles in to move the hut.

Heart-shaped leaf / 心の形してる葉

And we completed the Japan Open-Air Folk Museum stamp rally as well (although it was only intended for kids).


And now it was time for lunch.  Of course we would be eating inside the outdoor museum, but that will be for the next post.


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