Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ikuta Ryokuchi (Part 1) Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum / 生田緑地 (パート1)日本民家園

One weekend as my wife and I were deciding what to do for the day, my wife suggested going to Ikuta Ryokuchi Park.  We would check out the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum and Taro Okamoto Museum in Kawasaki.  We had been thinking of going there for a while now and this particular weekend the weather was nice and it seemed like a good idea so off we went!  But first, we stopped off at a coffee shop called "Hoshino Coffee" for breakfast.


Breakfast time with some French toast.


And we shared a plate of pork cutlet sandwich.


Ikuta Ryokuchi Park is only about 30 minutes away from our apartment by train and bus.  First, we take the train from Sangenjaya station to Mizunokuchi.  And then a short bus ride from Mizunokuchi to the park.


A watch out for tanuki sign!


And here we are.


Its a great day for a date with my wife.


We bought our entrance tickets for the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum in this building.  The fee is only 500yen.


Below is the description from the English language brochure:

Traditional Japanese architecture is well known around the world for its beauty and functionality, the essence of which is reflected in the design and construction of Japanese folk houses. To conserve these valuable historic creations from the past, the city of Kawasaki began to relocate them to Minkaen from all over Japan in 1965. At the present time there are 25 historical buildings, including a shrine and a Kabuki stage. Additionally, tools and utensils are kept in designated areas to help recreate the past.


The Hara House / 旧原家住宅

Its almost like visiting my grandmother's house.


I'm not sure which house is which but the next two buildings we went to were the Suzuki House and the Iota House.


At the Misawa House, volunteers help out and show how the irori is used.


Water Mill / 水車小屋

The Sasaki House / 旧佐々木住宅

Toilet / 便所

And we're still not even half-way through the park.  A good deal for only 500yen.


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