Sunday, August 28, 2016

Studio Ghibli Quotes and Gokokuji Temple / スタジオジブリ名言スタンプラリーと護国寺

After eating burgers and celebrating my birthday at Shake Tree, my wife and I along with our friends Gan-chan and Ai had no plans so we joined Yukio and Reiko on a stamp rally to find Studio Ghibli Quotes and would visit the Gokokuji Temple.


There are six quotes from different Studio Ghibli films located at six different subway stations.  If you get the stamps from at least four of them, you can send away for some type of price.  This was the first quote we came across was from "Princess Mononoke".  I'm not going to bother with the English translations.


Then we made a short stop at Suitengu Shrine.


Kappa / 河童

The second Studio Ghibli quote we got our stamp from was from "Spirited Away".


The 3rd stamp we got was from "Howl's Moving Castle".


Lots of Doraemon in Roppongi Hills again.


Doraemon / ドラえもん

I spotted a large Doraemon on top of the TV Asahi building.


And here we are at the gate of Gokokuji Temple.


The Six Jizos / 六地蔵

Gokokuji Temple Hondo / 護国寺本堂

Our fourth Studio Ghibli Quote stamp was from [Castle in the Sky].

最後のスタジオジブリ名言スタンプ貰ったのは「天空の城 ラピュタ」の”バルス!”。

Me and my friends on the subway.


We actually went to another place for more snacks and some beer but that will be the next post.


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