Sunday, August 21, 2016

Burger & Bar [Shake Tree] / バーガー & バー 「シェイク・ツリー」

Last Saturday, August  13 was my 53rd birthday.  I celebrated it with a few friends at a burger shop located between Ryogoku and Kinshicho.  The name of the burger shop is [Shake Tree].  It would all be our first time here but this shop has been featured on a few television shows recently and since it was by birthday, it seemed the perfect excuse to go check it out.  We would all meet at Kinshicho station at 10:30am and head towards the shop which opens for business at 11am.  As you can see, there was already a couple standing in line before we got there.  Our waiter told us since we were a large table, our burgers would take about 30 to 40 minutes so we might want to order some appetizers which we did of course!

先週の土曜日、8月13日は僕の53歳の誕生日でえした。両国と錦糸町の間にあるバーガーショップで友達と祝ってくれた。店の名前は「シェイク・ツリー」。私たち初めて行く店ですが、最近はいろんなテレビ番組に取り上げてるので、自分の誕生日だったので、なんか良い機会で行くことに決定。行列も出来る店と聞き、友達と朝10時半に錦糸町駅で待ち合わせ。店の開店時間が11時ですが、店に着いたら、もう二人が並んでました。 うちは6人で来たため、バーガーは30分から40分くらいかかると言われ、前菜をすすめられました。もちろん注文しましたよ。

For appetizers, we ordered buffalo wings and garlic shrimp.  As you can see, there were only 4 wings and there were six of us, but the burger shop made two more for our table.  Also, there apparently was no shrimp to make the garlic shrimp today so we changed our order to fried mozzerella sticks.


Fried Mozzerella Sticks / フライドモッツァレラチーズスティック

And now for the burgers - myself and my friend Ai ordered the AAA burger.  This would be an Avocado, American cheese, Aureola sauce burger.


Gan-chan ordered the BBB Burger.  This would be the Bacon, Blue cheese, and Black pepper burger.  We all shared our burgers and I must say that this had a very strong blue cheese flavor!


Our friends Yukio and Reiko shared a burger, the CCC Burger.  This would be the Crispy Cheddar Cheese Burger. 


And my wife ordered that made this burger shop popular.  The Wild Out.  Can you see something strange about this burger?  Yes, there are no buns.  Two meat patties make the buns of this burger.  But even without the buns, this burger is still quite delicious.


Bon Appetit!


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