Saturday, July 9, 2016

Overnight trip to Urayasu (Part 1) Puru Puru Shokudo / 浦安一泊の旅 (パート1)プルプル食堂

A couple of weeks ago our friends who live in Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture invited us to stay the night so we could enjoy the Urayasu Sanja Festival on a Saturday and then maybe go for a drive on Sunday.  We still had no idea where we going to go on Sunday though.  We think about that before turning in for the night. Our friend Yukio said to come early (before noon) before it gets crowded and so we could have lunch at a place called [Puru Puru Shokudo]. The shop's specialty is their chashu-men. But we didn't want to go to Urayasu empty-handed so first we went to Hikarie in Shibuya.


One of the shop at Hikarie was already using the robot Pepper for customer service.


In fact, I was being helped by Pepper.


Our friends picked us up in his work vehicle.


The Sanja Festival was already starting.


But before we were going to enjoy the festivities, our first order of business was lunch. We went from the station straight to Puru Puru Shokudo.


Puru Puru Shokudo was also getting ready for the festivities as well.  One of the routes of the festival where participants carrying a mikoshi (portable shrine) would pass right in front of the shop.  The shop was also providing snacks for the participants.


As seating was limited and we wanted to sit at a table of four, we waited outside the shop until one became available.


Before our table became available, the festival participants carrying the portable shrine was headed our way.


And now, time for lunch!


Yukio and I ordered the chashu-men.  Four large pieces of pork are topped over the ramen so you can't even see the noodles.  My wife already knew the regular size was going to be too much for her and ordered the mini bowl and had one of my pork strips. Yukio told us he had come to this shop 4 times last week and ordered this dish!


My wife's mini bowl.


Yukio's wife decided to order the summer only menu of a chilled tantan-men with dipping sauce.


After lunch, we would relax a little at our friend's apartment before heading out into town to enjoy the Urayasu Sanja Festival.


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