Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Visit to the Tokyo Daibutsu / 東京大仏

Tourists will flock to see the Great Buddha of Kamakura or the large Buddha located inside Todaiji Temple in Nara, the largest wooden structure in Japan.  But I don' t think many of them are aware that there is a Tokyo Daibutsu.  It doesn't have the history of Nara or Kamakura and is quite modern, being built in 1977 and located at Jorenji Temple in Itabashi Ward.  The closest station would be Takashimadaira on the Mita Line.


Entrance to Jorenji-Temple / 浄蓮寺の入口

Sanmon Gate / 山門

Dragon at the hand purification basin.


On the left is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune - Daikokuten, God of Commerce and Prosperity.  I couldn't tell if the one on the right was one of the Seven Lucky Gods though.


Hondo / 本堂

Prayer boards / 絵馬

The Tokyo Daibutsu / 東京大仏

Lots of stone statues / 羅漢がいっぱいありました

Statue to help cure the sickness in your legs.


Demon of Endurance / 我慢の鬼

The Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune / 七福神

Temple Bell / 浄蓮寺の鐘

Hotei / 七福神 布袋

The Temple Bell / 浄蓮寺の鐘

Jorenji Temple Seal / 浄蓮寺の御朱印

We wandered around the area a little more and discovered another large botanical garden, a couple of other smaller shrines as we were walking back to Takashimadaira station.  I forgot to mention, although I said this was probably the closest subway station, from there it is a 20 to 30 minute walk to Jorenji Temple.  Just wanted to warn you in case you were thinking of going there. I will write about the surrounding area on my next post.

浄蓮寺の周辺を歩いたら、赤塚植物園を発見。あと駅に戻る途中小さな神社にも寄りました。あっ、言い忘れました。一番近い駅が三田線の高島平と言ってましたが、駅から浄蓮寺は徒歩で20から30分くらい掛かりますよ。行きたいかたには是非それを覚えてください。結構な距離でした。 周辺のネタはまた今度。

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